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Who Are We?
Give Me Hockey is a field hockey blog which aims to promote field hockey throughout the world. While most of the hockey websites provide you with only news of the day, Give Me Hockey provides you with in-depth analysis of the matches and tournament played throughout the world. Content on Give Me Hockey includes views, features, analysis and lot more to entertain hockey fans and provide them with entertainment everyday.

Why Do We Do It?
Field hockey despite being one of the most popular sports of the world and played by over 100 countries does not have content to satisfy the want of the hockey fans. Give Me Hockey works towards generating content for the fans so that they get their daily dose of hockey.

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You can contact us by dropping us a mail at givemehockey01@gmail.com

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  1. Thanks for the information on the FH.I will bookmark your blog and track the Indian Hockey team.

  2. Am a regular follower from now onwards. Kudos buddy.. keep rocking..

  3. Hi, I agree with you on the poor coverage of hockey in india where it is still officially the national game Have you tried contacting Mr Ajay Maken on this ? He is at http://twitter.com/#!/ajaymaken

    kay kay

  4. Hello,
    There is an active group on FB for Hockey. "Dil DO Hockey Ko" . Hope you are part of that. We discuss all issues/news related to Hockey there.
    You can join if you are not already there and I you don't mind.


  5. I tried to join but was not approved so right now I am not really interested in it

  6. Hi there you are really doing a fantastic job in promoting the hockey i wish all success to go further