Jul 6, 2021

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: What do Indians fans expect from their hockey teams?

Indian hockey fans supporting the team in
Olympics qualifiers

Hope is the last thing ever lost says an Italian proverb. This proverb holds true for every Indian hockey fan. Indian hockey fans have been hoping for last 40 years. Hoping that the jinx of not reaching the podium will be broken. Hoping that Indian hockey team will once again get hero’s return and hoping that Indian flag will fly high once again in the Olympics.

Sports has been a great distraction, especially in this pandemic. Sports helps people get their mind away from their problems and be happy. Hockey is no different. It binds people together. When Indian team wins, every hockey fan jumps with joy and the nation becomes one. In times of defeat, the entire fan group comes together and griefs as one. 

With Tokyo Olympics just few days away, we spoke to some Indian hockey fans and asked what they expected from the team.   

Anubhav- Bengaluru 

Men’s team- I am expecting the team to at least the semi-finals by doing well in the group stage and quarterfinals. It might be difficult for India to win the gold medal but winning the bronze medal is quite achievable. Team has played well over last couple of years and despite the games affecting by Covid, I believe the team will do well. 

Women’s team- Women's team are placed in a strong group with the likes of Netherlands, Great Britain, and Germany. Though expecting medal from the women’s team is a tall order, I would be happy if team is able to qualify for the quarter finals. For a team that is just playing in their third Olympics, this would be a great progress. 

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Amritansh Ahuja- Manager at Supply Chain Transformation, Mumbai 

Men’s team- A medal finish. Indian team needs to focus on two things- doing well in the striking circle and banishing the last-minute demons. If the team can do that, nothing can stop India from winning the medal. The team has some exciting young players, and they can really do something special. Fingers crossed. 

Women’s team- Not expecting anything apart from playing bold and aggressive. Team is currently ranked 10th in the world and only way for the Indian team is up. The group is going to be tough, but India can squeeze into next round.  

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Sumith Sharma- Entrepreneur, Bahrain 

Men’s team- Being an optimistic fan, I will always have grand expectations from Indian team. In 2018 World Cup, India was the only side that Belgium did not beat. It is one of the fittest sides in the world today. My realistic expectation from them is a podium finish. Like 2018WC, here to I would say... They must play their QF like the final. Because they are going to be unstoppable if they are in semi-finals. So, I would say that I would be disappointed if I do not see them on the Podium. It is a realistic expectation as Indian team has beaten all Olympics qualified side in last two years. 

Women’s team- Whatever this team has achieved, I give credit to the team’s self-belief and work ethic. But, most of all, Sjoerd Marine and his support staff. Having been with the team for a while, he looks like a coach that is in full control and loves coaching this team. The team is a good mix of young and experienced players, and if penalty corners are executed well, they are lethal. Again, credit to their fitness and for getting them there I would give full credit to Wayne (Lombard). Realistically, I would be happy with a top 6 finish. But, hey girls, please surprise me and create history. 

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Bharat Malik- Masters Hockey, Kolkata 

Men’s team- The team should finish on the podium. The team needs to play to their potential and be consistent with the play. The team has done well recently, especially the Pro League games against Argentina has shown what the team is capable of. Avoid last minute jitters, covert penalty corners and the team will surely find themselves on the podium.  

Women’s team- It is going to be very tough for the women’s team, but I do expect the team to give good account of themselves in the tournament. Qualifying for the back-to-back Olympics with new European teams coming in was going to be difficult but the team beat USA and did it. It would be great to watch the team in the quarterfinals though. 

Sunil Dhiman- Country Head at MNC, Bengaluru 

Men’s team- The current team looks better prepared when compared to earlier editions. We need to be careful when it comes to conceding last minute goals, but the current team is well equipped to handle that. With this team, it looks like we will surely make it to the podium after 40 long years. 

Women’s team- It was great to see women’s team qualify for the Olympics. Really happy with the work done by players and the coaching staff. But it is not going to be a comfortable ride in the Olympics. It would make me incredibly happy if the team is able to reach the quarterfinals. I am sure that the team can beat South Africa but will have to play well to beat Ireland. If they can get a draw against Great Britain or Germany, I think team will reach the quarterfinals. 


What do you expect from the Indian teams in the Olympics? Let us know below in the comments section.


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  1. I don't expect the Indian team to win a medal. I would be happy if we have made progress a side in all the 3 facets of the game.

    That being said, if India do end up with a medal, Harmanpreet would have had a splendid tournament.

    1. Quite a realistic expectation. Yes, Harmanpreet will play a major role if the team wins a medal