Jul 23, 2021

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Hockey: The Numbers Game- Players

When it comes to hockey statistics, no one even comes close to departed B.G. Joshi. A fan who made
The Numbers speak

his life mission to cover and complete hockey statistics. Such was his reputation; he was a go to person for every journalist when it came to hockey statistics. Even FIH, the international hockey federation would consult him when they needed any help with the numbers. 

Though we are nowhere near B.G. Joshi, we are still trying our best to cover the numbers based on the data available to us as a mark of respect to the great guy who dedicated his life towards the game, we all love.

Here are some of the key numbers with regards as we ring in in to 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 


Juan Vivaldi of Argentina is the oldest hockey player to take part in 2020 Tokyo Olympics at the age of forty-two. This will also be his fourth Olympics. Second most aged player is also a goalkeeper- Quico Cortes of Spain. Aged 38 years old, he would also be playing in his fourth Olympics. 

Oldest women player of the tournament is also from Argentina. Sofia Maccari, who turned 37 this year will be playing in her second Olympics games. Interestingly, top three players in terms of age belong to Argentina. 


Valentina Raposo of Argentina and Jette Fleschutz of Germany are the youngest hockey player in Tokyo 2020 Olympics at eighteen years old. They are joined by Amy Lawton of Australia, Sharmila Devi and Salima Tete of India, Sarah Mcauley of Ireland, and Katie Doar of New Zealand to complete the women players in their teens.

In men side, Sean Findlay of New Zealand and Mustaphaa of South Africa are the teenagers representing their country in Olympics. 


Belgium men team is the most experienced side in the Olympics with six of their players having played more than three hundred games. John-John Dohmen is the most experienced men player on the circuit with 408 caps. Eddie Ockenden is the second most experienced player with 372 caps 

In women’s circuit, only two players have crossed more than three hundred caps. Noel Barrionuevo who is captain of Argentina has played 337 games while Shirley McCay of Ireland has been capped 311 times. 


In men’s competition, Argentina has the highest average age at 30.67 while India has the lowest average age at 26. 

In women’s competition, Great Britain have the highest average age of 27.94 while Germany has the lowest average age at 24.72. 


There are four women players who will be making their senior team debut in Olympics. Three from South Africa- Lerato Mahole, Edith Molikoe, Charne Maddocks while Kaho Tanaka of Japan will also be making her senior team debut

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Statistics Sourced From- TMS FIH

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