Jul 23, 2018

Women's Hockey World Cup: Day 2 In Numbers

Netherlands started World Cup campaign in style
After exciting and surprising results of day 1 in Vitality Women's Hockey World Cup, day 2 continued to surprise fans with upsets and goals.

 Fans who were expecting a normal day of hockey saw the first big upset of the tournament when China lost to Italy in the opening match of day 2.

Day 2 results
 Stat of the day goes to Italy who got their first win in the World Cup history after beating China.
China, finalist of Asia Cup 2017 losing to Italy 0-3. This was a totally unexpected result for hockey fans who were expecting China to easily sail pass inexperienced Italy team. This is Italy's second appearance in the World Cup with the first one coming in the year 1976.

The second match of the day ended in a tennis score with Argentina beating Spain 6-2. Defending champions The
Netherlands scored 7 goals against Korea out of which 5 came in the first quarter of the game while New Zealand came from behind to beat Belgium 4-2 in the last match of the day.

Majority of the goal scored were field goals
Day 2 of the World Cup saw 24 goals being scored with Netherlands and Argentina scoring 13 of those 24 goals.

Field goals once again ruled day 2 of the World Cup with 14 of those 24 goals came through field goals while 9 goals were scored from the penalty corner. Two goals were scored through a penalty stroke.

Total 39 goals have been scored in two days of the World Cup with a majority of goals were field goals. 64% of the goals scored were field goals and while penalty stroke goals stood at 8%.

Penalty Corner conversion improved considerably
Eight games of the world cup have seen 17 cards handed out to players with 11 cards dished out were Yellow cards while 11 Green cards were issued to the players. Xiaoming Song of China and Maria Garraffo of Italy are on top of the naughty list with both players getting a yellow and green card.

There is no clear winner yet when it comes to goal scoring with 6 players scoring 2 goals each.

Today is a rest day in Vitality Women's Hockey World with hockey action resuming back on Tuesday.

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