Oct 10, 2017

End Of The Road For Narinder Batra?

Will Narinder Batra stay as FIH president?
Controversial FIH president Narinder Batra could soon give up the biggest hockey job in the world after the news emerged that he is planning to fight for the president post of Indian Olympics Association (IOA).

According to the news agencies, Narinder Batra who quit Hockey India and Asian Hockey Federation to join FIH is being touted as the next president of IOA after receiving the support of members like Randhir Singh who
has been vocal about the tenure of current president N Ramachandran.

If Narinder Batra is being elevated to the top post of IOA, what does it mean for his FIH presidency?

There have been numerous rumors going around that Narinder Batra is being forced to quit FIH after his tirade against Pakistan and England. His social media outbursts have upset many European members who feel that he has as the FIH president disrespected the post of FIH president. According to our source in Europe, Batra has not been heard or seen in Europe since long and has been spending a lot of his time in India.  ' He has been awfully quiet as compared to before.' said our source. 'We don't see or hear from him anymore in Europe and not to forget the rumors going around he will be leaving his post of FIH president.' he added. 

Another hockey expert said that since his social media outburst against Pakistan and England, he has upset many members and they asked him to step down from the post. Not to add since his outbursts, he has spent a lot of time in personally calling and apologizing for his tirade. Our source also said that if he clinches the post of IOA president, he will surely resign from FIH.

Narinder Batra tenure as FIH president has been marred by controversy one after the another. Batra who won FIH presidency with the overwhelming majority was forced to get on backfoot due to his behavior on social media.

Narinder Batra was forced to apologize to Pakistan Hockey Federation after the Indian team wore black armbands in order to protest against Pakistan army's ceasefire violation on the order and killing of Indian soldiers.

Just a couple of days later, Narinder Batra went on a tirade against England after Sardar Singh was questioned by Leeds police in connection with the rape charges leveled by British hockey player. Batra once again blamed 16 Members of Parliament of Pakistan origin for this and FIH was forced to apologize on his behalf. This behavior irked the members of FIH so much that they even asked Batra to leave FIH.

The troubles for Narinder Batra has not stopped as yesterday he was sent a notice by Jharkhand High Court on a complaint filed by former hockey player related to the elections held for the post of president in Jharkhand hockey.

Narinder Batra has changed the landscape of Indian hockey after working tirelessly to build hockey after it was nearly destroed by Indian Hockey Association but his could not make his magic wand work on the biggest stage of all, the FIH. With trouble looming large for Narinder Batra within the FIH and the opportunity ahead of becoming president of FIH it is highly likely that we may not see him as the FIH president for long.

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