Dec 26, 2015

Format Change To Make Hockey Exciting In Rio Olympics

Quarter Finals Introduced To Make Hockey Exciting
After nearly being culled for 2020 Olympics, FIH had a huge task at their hand to make hockey more exciting and profitable To save the game, FIH made some considerable changes in the rules of hockey, like making the games for four quarters of fifteen minutes each instead of two halves of thirty five minutes and the time stoppage before the penalty corners but the change of format in Olympics is probably the most exciting which will help more teams challenge for the medal..

In the previous editions of the tournament, teams would be divided in to two pools and top two teams from each pool that would then compete for the medal.

In the new format of the game, four teams will now play an extra round knockout round (quarter finals) and get an extra opportunity to challenge for the medal. Instead of two teams qualifying for the knockouts, this time around there are going to be to four teams who will play in the knockouts. Unlike the big four- Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, this time other teams like India and Argentina will also have an opportunity to qualify for the medal round.

Apart from introducing the quarter final stage, FIH has also decided to do away with the classification matches from the tournament. So, unlike previous editions, there will be no classification matches this time around.

With hockey's popularity taking a hit among IOC members, FIH has taken some good steps to once again make hockey popular among the people but the introduction of quarter final stage in the Olympics will surely increase the excitement among the fans of the game.

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