Dec 25, 2015

Fans Rally Behind Gurbaj As Signature Campaign Begins

Indian hockey fans have finally stood against injustice
Punjab and Haryana Court in its judgement over Gurbaj Singh said someone from the system (Hockey India) is out to get Gurbaj Singh and looking at the treatment of Gurbaj, it is not difficult to ascertain that the system, despite removing the ban is out to get him. 

After getting rap on their knuckles, Hockey India’s athletes dispute and grievance redressal panel let off Gurbaj with a warning but the instead of matter ending, the matter worsened as Hockey India sidelined Gurbaj by not adding his name in the reserve list of Hockey India League.

After getting banned, Gurbaj’s name was removed from the list of players for auction pool of Hockey India League but when his ban was revoked, Gurbaj Singh only demanded one thing, his name being added in the reserve list of Hockey India League which Hockey India failed to do in order to ‘teach him a lesson’ for dissent.

Looking at the treatment of Gurbaj Singh by Hockey India, the fans of Indian hockey has started a signature campaign demanding that his name be included in the reserve list of Hockey India League. The signature campaign has gained some good following with 300+ signatures in less than 48 hours of petition being put online.

So, what is the campaign aiming to achieve:

1. Indian hockey fans want Gurbaj Singh to be a part of Hockey India League reserve list
2. Hockey fans from India want Hockey India officials to stop its petty politics and not steal a chance from the player who has been a part of Indian hockey for last 10 years.
3. The fans want transparency in Hockey India so that no player should suffer what Gurbaj Singh is going through right now.

The fans stood silent when Prabhjot and Rajpal were banned with now with Gurbaj Singh in the dock, the fans do not want the history to be repeated in case of Gurbaj Singh. 

The signature campaign is aiming to collect more than thousands of signatures and then sending the same to Hockey India and Govt of India officials in order to seek justice for Gurbaj Singh.

You can support the campaign by clicking of the link below:

If you feel that Gurbaj Singh is getting a raw deal from Hockey India, then please sign the campaign so that Hockey India, the governing body of hockey in India should know what the fans who have supported hockey in good and bad times find out what a player who has given his all for last 10 years is going through.

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