Jun 2, 2015

Hockey Manager Is Back, Bigger And Better

Hockey fans around the world have a reason to cheer because of a man’s dream and dedication for hockey. Xavier, living in France has given hockey fans a platform, Hockey Manager, an online fantasy game where the fans can create and manage their own hockey teams during various tournaments around the world and also predict the scores of matches.

With Hockey World League semi-finals just around the corner, Hockey Manager is back with bigger and better features than before.

Hockey Manager consists of two games:

Score Predictions

 First game under Hockey Manager is the score prediction where the participants of the game have to predict the scores of all the games being played during the day of the tournament. The participants have to predict the scores of the match at least two hours before the match. The participants have option to make the prediction of all the matches at once or they can spread it out throughout the day to adjust it over time.

The scoring system is as follows:
For correct prediction along with scores- 12 points
7 points if you find a draw but not the right score
If you don't find the exact score, you will earn points as follows:

Winner or Loser team: +3
Team Score: +3
Good goal difference: +2

Hockey Manager

 Probably the best thing to happen in the hockey is the introduction of Hockey Manager which allows you to have your own virtual team featuring real players and compete against other participants of the world.
Each virtual team is made by up to 15 players with a maximum of 2 goal keepers. All 15 players earn points for their performance. Each participant is allowed to build only one team per competition, but has option of player transfers. The transfer window opens after two hours of the final game of the day and window stays open till two hours before the first match of next day.

So, what are you waiting for, join in the fun and play against other players of the world by registering yourself on www.hockeyman.net

Also follow Hockey Manager on Twitter and Facebook fore more updates about the game.

P.S- We at Give Me Hockey have already registered our self on the game, why not challenge us there.

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