Aug 31, 2014

Pakistan Hockey In Turmoil Due To Lack Of Funds

Pakistan might miss Asian Games
Things are really bad for our neighbors and one of the most successful hockey teams in the world- Pakistan as the NSF, Pakistan Hockey Federation has expressed their inability to arrange funds for Asian Games and upcoming Champions Trophy. This comes days after eight Pakistan Olympians and officials were arrested by police for gambling.

The year 2014 has been really tough for Pakistan hockey. After failing to qualify for World Cup for first time in their history, Pakistan missed their
participation in Glasgow CommonWealth Games due to internal conflicts in their Olympic board and now missing Asian Games will be huge blow for eight time Asian champions.

With sponsors shying out of supporting the national games, Pakistan Hockey Federation asked for Rs 500 million from Pakistan government but they are yet to receive any response from the Pakistan sports ministry.

PHF secretary Rana Mujahid expressed his frustration saying that lack of sponsors due to poor international performance by the national team is hurting Pakistan hockey. The situation is such, if PHF is unable to secure funds soon, Pakistan will not feature in Asian Games and well as Champions Trophy.

Pakistan hockey team was supposed to go for European tour to prepare for Asian Games but paucity of funds forced the team to PHF to cancel the tour and go for preparatory camps.

PHF's recent loss of credibility due to poor governance and mismanagement of funds are also keeping the sponsors away leaving only government as the sole source from where the funds can be acquired for upcoming tours. With Pakistan government currently caught in their own issues, its going to be very difficult for PHF to secure funds for the upcoming tournaments.

Only positive thing in situation like this is the former Olympians and players coming forward to support the players and the team. Former players of Pakistan are ready to sponsor one or two players individually so that the team could participate in international events in the near future.

With players and officials not being paid due to nonavailability of funds, it is quite possible that Pakistan hockey team will not be seen in international events this year.

PHF secretary Rana Mujahid signed off by saying, "We urgently need funding for the senior team because their European tour and Asian Games are just weeks away now. Our international participation will be in jeopardy if the funds are not provided urgently".

Pakistan hockey is scheduled to play Asian Games and Champions Trophy this year while the junior team has to Sultan of Johor Cup in their international schedule this year.

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