Feb 10, 2013

Check on the Hockey stocks that are worth taking a swing!

By: Eddie Miller

Stocks is also consider very popular, especially in among binary options brokers, the combination between Hockey and trading is amazing, hockey is the one of the favorite sport and the most watched of sport of the Canadian people. You must have noticed this, because the national hockey league has more Canadian players than the American players. The reason behind this is that, in United States of America, this is the least watched sport.

The new hockey season has begun in the first week of October, will end this April. Right now, we are in the middle of the season, with several companies connected to the hockey teams and stocks. Here are few hockey stocks that are worth betting on.
The Toronto Maple Leafs, which is one of the members of NHL, is owned by the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Limited this stock is very popular in binary trading. The Maple Leaf Sports Company also owning the ‘Air Canada Centre sports arena’,has shared a part of its share with the Toronto Dominic Bank. However, 14% of the Toronto Maple Leafs team stock is held by the Toronto Dominic Bank. The bank has a yield of 3.8% and a P/E of 9.
The American Hockey League consisting of Philadelphia Phantoms and the National Hockey League consisting of the Philadelphia Flyers are owned by the Comcast-Spectacor Company, where 63% of the stock is held by the Comcast (CMCSA). Comcast, which has a price earnings ratio of 14, also owns the ‘Wachovia Spectrum sports arena’ and the ‘Wachovia Center’. This has a yield percentage of 2.2.
The next Company that has a good forward P/E is the Cablevision. This has a yield percentage of 1.5% with a P/E of 16.5. The New York Rangers is the team that is owned by Cablevision Company, which also owns the Hartford Wolf Pack, a professional hockey team of the minor league. Added to this, the Cablevision also owns the ‘Madison Square Garden arena’ that is famous for sports and entertainment.

Next to the Cablevision, the Canstar Company that uses the Nike Bauer band is the one that yields a better P/E of 16. It owns the hockey equipment and skates manufacturer names Bauer. This has a yield percentage of 1.7%.
The Dick’s sporting Goods Inc., a company that is well known throughout the United States is a Company that sells numerous types of hockey equipments. Though, selling hockey equipments is just part of their business still they have managed to have a P/E of 19, which is a good score.
Another sporting goods company that sells hockey equipment is the Sport Chalet. They also sell other types of good like mountaineering equipments, snowboarding equipment, and SCUBA equipment. This company looks a bit speculative because of its recent negative earnings. This is considered to be a low cap stock to trade on, and hence investors can be a bit cautious while trading this stock.

Playing a game on these hockey stocks can be a bit risky, has the game normally is. Nothing is happen in a game, but playing it on the safer side can make a huge difference. Hence, choose your team with a better outlook to play safe. You can always choose from these six, to start your game on the hockey stocks. Best of Luck!

(The author is a Ice Hockey fan and a finance expert. The author of this article thought its an ice hockey blog. Nevertheless, anything for hockey, any kind of hockey. You can read more articles from this author on www.binarypedia.com)

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