Dec 15, 2012

Hockey India League Team Names

Hockey India League have announced the name of 5 teams. Here are the team names and logos of Hockey India League teams:

1. Ranchi Rhinos

2. Punjab Warriors

3. Mumbai Magicians

4. Delhi Wave Riders

5. Uttar Pradesh Wizards

Time to choose your allegiance. Which team will you support in Hockey India League


  1. Thank you for spreading the information. We support Mumbai Magicians

    Mumbai Magicians of Hockey India League dedicate themselves to reinvent hockey in India.

  2. Mumbaimagicians SocialJanuary 21, 2013 at 11:30 PM

    Jai Ho Hockey!! Jai Ho Mumbai Magicians

  3. Hockey Indian League is the new mantra for Indian Sports.Our Hockey,Our Game!!!

  4. With over 34 matches scheduled in a period of one month,Hockey India League is a visual treat for the hockey lovers.

  5.  Nice collection.