Oct 10, 2012

Yuvraj Walmiki aims comeback

Yuvraj Walmiki aims comeback after hamstring injury
India's striker Yuvraj Walmiki's biggest regret is missing London Olympics due to a hamstring injury during Olympics Qualifiers which kept him out of the game for nearly 6 months. He tried to make comeback in Sultan Azlan Shah but he could not impress the selectors to secure a berth in the team to London Olympics.

After spending nearly an year in wilderness, Walmiki finally got invited for third time to Germany to play in second division club, TGF Frankenthal. The invitation was all Yuvraj needed to prove that he is back.

His two month stint with the club has proved to be quite fruitful as he scored 4 goals for the club in 6 games played. Its not just the number of goals that make his case of team selection, its the improvement in the overall game that is making all the noises.

Yuvraj Walmiki who played as striker in the Indian team has changed his playing position and moved to center-half position for his club TGF Frankenthal.

For his third stint with the club, he made his motto to learn European style defense and implement his learning in the Indian style of hockey. He said, "I am playing as center-half here for last because my motto is to learn defense and want to implement in Indian attacking style."

The stint with the club has not gone so good as he got hurt while defending a short corner. During a penalty corner ball hit him just above his eye and inflicted a 2 cm deep wound above his right eye which kept him out of the game. Talking about his injury, he said, "Its Ok now (wound), got hurt yesterday while defending short corner. Drag flick was straight on my head it gave me a 2cm cut. The ball hit nearly my eye and I was lucky.."

 Walmiki was hit by ball above his right eye

The injury did not deter him from his path of making comeback though he was forced to miss a game due to injury but the game of his return, he scored a goal to make his intentions clear.

He is really happy playing for the club and his third stint with the team has proved quite fruitful for him, "Its always good to play here as I get to learn so many things. Hockey played here is totally different from the hockey played back in India. The tactics used, the technique and man to man marking has helped me lot"

Talking about his return to the team, Yuvraj Walmiki said, that he is now fully fit and ready to grab his place back in the team after staying out of the team for nearly an year. "I am fully fit now and in a good rhythm.I am looking forward to make a strong come back in the team again" he signed off.

We just hope that Yuvraj Walmiki makes a strong comeback in the team and helps Indian team to get back on its feet after a poor show in the Olympics.   

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