Jul 18, 2012

Stats from India's European tour

India's European tour ended on a poor note after the team lost to Spain in the final game 2-1. India began the game on inspiring note as it was the last match of the European tour and also the best chance after both teams were looking tired due to physical exhaustion of the tournament. 
India scored more field goals than penalty corner goals

With this defeat India's tour ended and after this India will move to London to participate in the biggest hockey tournament in the world, Olympics.

Here are some of the statistics (basic) from India's European tour

-- India played 8 games in the Tour, winning only 3 with win percentage of 37.5%. 

-- India also lost 4 games out of game and one game against Spain was 3-3 draw.

-- Indian team scored 24 goals in the tour and conceded 17 goals.

-- Shivendra Singh and Sandeep Singh were top goal scorers for India with 5 goals each. Interestingly, Sandeep Singh playing as forward against France in the first game scored a field goal. SK Uthappa and VR Raghunath were joint second with 3 goals each. 

-- Out of 24 goals scored by the Indian team, majority of them were field goals (don't know after how many years). Field goal percentage was whopping 71.84 % while only 9.16% goals were scored through penalty corners. 

--India received 27 penalty corners in the game played in Spain but only converted 7 of them with conversion ratio of only 26% 

--India's biggest victory of the tour was against France. India beat them 8-2 and the biggest loss was against Great Britain when India lost 3-1.

Following is the table reflecting India's performance in the European tour

Opponent   Scored Conceded Result Goal scorers for India
France Test 8 2 Won Shivendra (2), Sandeep (2), Uthappa, Sarvanjit, Raghunath
France Test 4 0 Won Sandeep (2), Danish, Raghuath
Spain Test 3 3 Draw Tushar, Gurvinder, SK Uthappa
Spain Test 1 2 Lost Sandeep
South Africa Test 6 5 Won Shivendra(2), Dharamvir (2),  Tushar, Raghunath
South Africa Test 3 4 Lost Danish, Sandeep, Uthappa
Great Britain Test 1 3 Lost Shivendra


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  1. No so bad, things won't change overnight. They played well and lost close matches against good teams. I just wish things'll be much better at Rio 2016, till then.....

    Good luck for 2012