Sunday, July 29, 2012

10 reasons to watch Women’s Hockey this Olympics

I don't really know much about women’s hockey and only follow men hockey (I am guilty, sorry) and when I thought about writing a preview about women’s hockey competition, I was totally blank. I had no idea what to talk about women hockey and I felt there might be more people out there (only men hockey fans) who do not know much about hockey. Still, I thought I’d give it a go and came out with 10 simple reasons to watch women hockey.

Lets check out the top reasons to watch women's hockey in Olympics.

Luciana Aymar (Argentina)

Also known as ‘La Maradona del hockey’ (Maradona of hockey), 35 year old Aymar is one of the best players of modern hockey. Standing 5’7 ½, midfielder from Argentina is also one of the beautiful hockey players in the world. Play boy magazine wanted her on its cover but she said no to the offer (one of the sad days for hockey fans). It’s not just her beauty which makes the news; she also had a glittering hockey career.  Aymar has won three medals in the Olympics (one silver and two bronze), 2010 World Cup along with seven time FIH player of the year award.   

Ellen Hoog (Netherlands)

At 5'5'' Ellen Hoog is one of the hottest hockey players in the world. Hoog is also considered as one of the most attractive sportsperson ever with many netizens agreeing to it. Apart from her attractiveness, she has also won 2006 world Cup and Gold medal in the last Olympics. At 26, she still has six to eight years of international hockey and surely the hockey fans from around the world would want her to stick around for longer.

Casey Eastham (Australia)

23 year old Australian gives an immediate impression of a cute girl who would spend more time with barbie dolls than holding hockey sticks in her hand but look again, behind this beautiful face, there is an aggressive hockey player. Casey who feels her best body part are her abs might not have the idea about the hundred guys who would die with just one look of hers.

Georgie Twigg (Great Britain)

Personal favorite of mine, 21 year old from Lincon Georgie Twigg is prime example of beauty and the brains. She is the youngest member Great Britain team and has already won silver in Champions Trophy. Last year she also won a bronze in EuroHockey Championships. Its not just her hockey beauty and brains which are talk among the men. Georgie also holds a law degree from the University of Bristol.

Sophie Polkamp (Netherlands)

Veteran Dutch hockey player Sophie is absolutely incredible with guys ogling at her on and off the field. She is surely one of those girls who would put fans in the stands. She was also a part of 2008 Olympics Gold medal winner Netherlands team

Christina Schutze (Germany)

28 year old midfielder from Dusseldorf, Germany was one of the five Olympics sport women from Germany who posed nude for German edition of Playboy magazine  in August issue. For known reasons, I am not posting her Playboy photo hero but surely she will make many heads turn when she takes on the field in London Olympics.

Naomi Van As (Netherlands)

Another Dutch beauty, Naomi Van As is one of the biggest reason we all should watch women's hockey matches in the Olympics. At 29 years, she is the dream girl for most of the hockey fans out there. But alas, she is already taken. Beijing Olympics gold medal winner Naomi is currently dating skating star Sven Kramer. Taken or not, she is definitely on of the reasons we all should watch hockey Olympics in London 2012.

Gemma Flynn (New Zealand)

Black sticks winger is Gemma Flynn is our next member of hockey beauties of London Olympics. Gemma who plays in the left wing is well known for for her speed and control. Thanks to London Olympics, she would also be known for her beauty which makes her a perfect combination for any hockey fan.

Florencia Habif (Argentina)

Another Las Leonas who makes it to our lost of Olympics beauties is 18 year old lass Florencia Habif. Nicknamed 'Flor' (flower) for her beauty, Florencia is one of the youngest hockey players in the Olympics but she already has enough experience which makes her a real deal.

Ashleigh Nelson (Australia)

Hockeyroos striker Ashleigh Nelson is absolute stunner. 24 years old beauty who missed Beijing Olympics, finally gets her chance for play in the Olympics. Since debuting in 2007, she has done on to become one of the leading goalscorers for Australia.

Getting down to ten was a very difficult task still had to leave many beauties to pen this article. 

This is a feeble attempt by me to add some glamor in hockey. I know this has been a poor attempt to promote hockey and I am sorry for it.

(Image Source: All the images have been taken from GOOGLE Images. I am sorry if have used any copyright images and if you are unhappy by the use of the images, please wait till the Olympics get over


  1. The photo is not Naomi van As!!!!!

  2.  Yes sir, I mixed Hoog and Vas As images, thank you for pointing out. Corrected the mistake, really sorry

  3. Sure now,everyone will eye on hockey these days,seeing this hot chick.....