Jun 24, 2012

Schedule of Junior Asia Cup

Junior Women's Asia Cup starts June 27th in Malaysia featuring top teams from Asia. Following is the schedule of Junior Asia Cup

Schedule of Junior Women's Asia Cup

Group A
Group B
Sri Lanka

27th June
Malaysia vs Singapore                                                                       Pakistan vs Japan
India vs Sri Lanka                                                                             Thailand vs Kazakhstan 

28th June
China vs Sri Lanka                                                                            Korea vs Pakistan
India vs Singapore

29th June
Thailand vs Korea                                                                             Japan vs Kazakhstan

30th June
Singapore vs Srilanka                                                                        Pakistan vs Kazakhstan
Malaysia vs China

2nd July
Japan vs Korea                                                                                 Sri Lanka vs Malaysia
India vs China                                                                                   Thailand vs Pakistan

3rd July
India vs Malaysia                                                                              Kazakhstan vs Korea
China vs Singapore                                                                           Japan vs Thailand

5th July  (Semi-final)
1st Pool A vs 2nd Pool B                                                                 1st Pool B vs 2nd Pool A  

6th July
5th Pool A vs 5th Pool B                                                                  4th Pool A vs 4th Pool B
3rd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B

7th July
                                                 Loser of SF 1 vs Loser of SF 2  (3 place)
                                               Winner of SF 1 vs Winner of SF 2  (FINAL)

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