May 13, 2012

Michael Nobbs- A coach with futuristic approach?

When Michael Nobbs joined Indian hockey team as chief coach, he promised to change Indian hockey and make them best in the world. He has done very well with the senior team and now its the Indian junior team who have benefiting from his strategy.

Michael Nobbs, right man for the Indian team
Malaysia with their Project 2013 team have won the tournament, with Pakistan coming second, but if we look at the future, the real winners of the tournament are Baljit Singh and his young boys. If Indian chief coach Michael Nobbs wanted, he would have allowed players like Kothjit Singh, SK Uthappa, Manpreet Singh and other younger to play in the tournament and win it, but his goal was not to win the tournament, but allow the younger players to get some exposure that they could form a bench strength for the future.

The fans (me included) thought India’s main aim was to win the tournament but Michael Nobbs saw the bigger picture and thought of giving young players an opportunity to get match experience in the future.
Unlike other teams, India did not have pressure of qualifying for the World Cup as India is hosting the tournament and Michael Nobbs did right by suggesting sending a young side for the tournament. In the case of both the finalist, Malaysia and Pakistan will lose 5-6 players in the next year’s world cup due to over age and will have to change nearly half the team for the next year’s Junior World Cup.

Malaysia which is running a program called Project 2013 will lose at least 6 players by the time next World Cup starts and same is the case with Pakistan which will likely lose 5-6 players who participated in the Asia Cup due to over age.

This is where the advantage lies for the Indian team. India will be able to field all the players who played in Junior Asia Cup. That means the 18 players who featured in Junior Asia Cup will stick together for nearly one year and will ready for the World Cup and players will be ready when senior teams come calling.
Though Michael Nobbs pointed out that the players have to work on fitness and tactics but as these players will train alongside senior players, these issues will be addressed.

Indian hockey always had a coach who would work in the present and not worry about the future. Then entered Jose Brasa and now Michael Nobbs who worked on the present keeping in mid the future.

The bronze medal win in the tournament for a group of players who have just started to play together is a big achievement and with these players sticking together for one year, expecting them to win the next year’s World Cup is surely not a big thing.

Michael Nobbs might look like a cool, calm and quiet man but in reality he is an aggressive coach who has taken a vow to change Indian hockey. Michael Nobbs, who was brought for a long term goal is justifying is selection as the Indian hockey coach. With approach like this, Michael Nobbs will surely create a big bench strength for the future Indian hockey team.

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  1. He is the best that Indian Hockey could get, hope all our younger players stays on their feet and bring laurels to our country.