May 13, 2012

Can Indian hockey officials sink further?

The most bizarre and shameful news ever for Indian hockey is that Indian hockey officials did not return the Junior Asia Cup trophy to the Asian Hockey Federation before the start of the tournament because they had lost the trophy.

Gurbaj Singh with the trophy that India lost
If there was any doubt in the fans mind regarding the poor functioning of Indian hockey officials, this shameful incident clears all the doubts and certifies that Indian hockey is worst run sports body in India.  But the question that should be pondered over is, “How on earth can Indian hockey officials lose a TROPHY?” When India won the trophy in Hyderabad in the year 2008, Indian hockey was run by ad-hoc hockey body formed by Indian Olympic Association.

Junior Asia Cup trophy is not some pen or pencil that kids can lose it in school and the Indian hockey officials that time, former Olympics are not kids who cannot take care of a trophy. This only points out how badly run are Indian hockey affairs that the officials cannot even take care of a trophy.

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P.S- India was sure of winning Junior Asia Cup this time, that is why they did not mind losing the trophy.

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