Mar 6, 2012

Five things I like about World Series Hockey

In the early days of tournament, World Series Hockey has given a die hard hockey fan like me mixed feelings about the tournament. World Series Hockey has given me some great feelings and disspointed me sometimes. Here are the five things I like about World Series Hockey:

1. Live Hockey Action

A boon for Indian hockey fans
I as a hockey fan always complained about lack of live hockey action in India. Since Hockey India took the task of managing hockey affairs in India. Live hockey action dried up from TV sets. Even internet was no help to me in quenching my thirst of live hockey action.  Thanks to World Series Hockey, fans like me can now satisfy themselves with hockey action. It was a very interesting start to the tournament. Four games of World Series Hockey saw 51 goals. With 30 more days to go and 81 matches yet to be played, hockey fans from India can finally quench the thirst of live hockey action.

2. Young Guns

When I found out that the members of Indian team won't be participating in World Series Hockey, I thought WSH will turn to to be just like ICL. But the younger players have done very well to keep World Series Hockey interesting. The performance of young players like Devender Walmiki, Karan Bhaskaran, Gurpreet Singh Ranjodh Singh among others are leaving no stone unturned to make World Series Hockey a successful tournament. The lesser known players along with ex Indian team players have World Series Hockey an interesting tournament. It is too early to comment about the success and failure of World Series Hockey but I am sure World Series Hockey will churn out some great players for Indian hockey.

3. Field Goals

In today's scenario where penalty corners are the most crucial part and the main goal scoring weapon of the team, World Series Hockey have come like a breath of fresh air with field goals and Indian style of attacking hockey. Out of 51 goals scored in the first four games, majority were scored through open play. The attacking display of Karan Bhaskaran, Prabhjot Singh, Sameer Dad, Dhanraj Pillay have provided great entertainment to the fans. No doubt, Gurpreet Singh, a penalty corner expert is the top goal scorer so far, but World Series Hockey will be known for its attacking display of hockey and a tournament where Indian hockey found its old tradition back, field goals.

4. Return Of Trio

Three former superstars of Indian hockey made their comeback in World Series Hockey. Prabhjot Singh, Gagan Ajit Singh and Deepak Thakur are well known names in Indian hockey and their exploits are documented in various hockey games. Thanks to World Series Hockey, after a long long time, the Tridev of Indian hockey played together in a same team. Another great thing about their comeback is that they are playing under same coach who trained them in Junior World Cup winning team and made their senior team debut. The performance of Prabhjot, Gagan and Deepak are the main reason for the great performance of Sher-E Punjab team in World Series Hockey. These three were my favorite attacking combination in Indian team and it is once again great to see three of my personal legends in the game back again.

5. Pakistan Players

Despite the politcial tensions between India and Pakistan, World Series Hockey have managed to procure the services of best Pakistan players. Rehan Butt, Shakeel Abbasi among others are well known names who command great respect wherever they play. It is great to have them play for an Indian team and showing their talents to the Indian players. World Series Hockey should also be thanked for bringing Pakitan players because having them in the same team along with the young Indian players will prove to be very beneficial for the youngsters and will learn the nuances of the game better. The hockey players of Pakistan are loved a lot by the Indian fans and it is truly great to have them in India and helping in increasing the popularity of the game.

World Series Hockey are missing big names but the tournament is still going strong and drawing crowds of hockey loving people. I hope World Series Hockey will be that point of Indian hockey which changed it for good.

What are things that you like about World Series Hockey. Let me know in the comment box below

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  1. Even Arjun hallappa and Dhanraj pillai. Also Viren rasquina.

  2. was a big failure