Dec 22, 2011

Schedule of Delhi Olympic Qualifiers

FIH Olympics Qualifer from 18th February
FIH has released the schedule of Olympic Qualifiers to decide the final places in the hockey event of Olympics 2012. Delhi's Major Dhyanchand stadium will host both men and women event of the Olympic Qualifiers. The tournament will commence on February 18th and the final of the tournament will be played on February 26. The opening encounter will see home team India and the favorites to win the tournament facing Italy in bid to secure a spot in next year Olympics after missing out on last Olympics.

Along with India and Italy, other teams participating in the men event of the tournament are Canada, France, Poland and United States. Earlier Egypt was supposed to participate earlier but they pulled out due to financial constraints caused by unrest in Egypt, so Italy replaced Egypt in the tournament. Along with men, Indian women team will also participate in the qualifying tournament in a bid to qualify for the second time after women's hockey was introduced in the Olympics in the year 1980. In the women's event India will face competition from Ukraine, Canada, South Africa, Italy and Poland.

Following is the schedule of men event of Olympics Qualifer:

     Date          Game No          Team A         Result          Team B

18/02/2012          1.                  Canada                              USA
18/02/2012          2.                  France                              Poland
18/02/2012          3.                  India                                 Italy

19/02/2012          1.                  Canada                             Poland
19/02/2012          2.                   Italy                                 France
19/02/2012          3.                  India                                 USA

20/02/2012                                   REST DAY

21/02/2012          1.                   Italy                                 Canada
2102/2012           2.                  Poland                                USA
21/02/2012          3.                 France                                India

22/02/2012          1.                  Poland                                 Italy
22/02/2012          2.                   USA                                 France
22/02/2012          3.                 Canada                               India

23/02/2012                                   REST DAY

24/02/2012          1.                    USA                                  Italy
24/02/2012          2.                   France                               Canada
24/02/2012          3.                  Poland                                India 

25/02/2012                                   REST DAY    

26/02/2012         1.                  5th in Grp                           6th in Grp
26/02/2012         2.                  3rd in Grp                           4th in Grp
26/02/2012         3.                  1st in Grp                           2nd in Grp        (Final)

Following in the schedule of women event of Olympics Qualifier

18/02/2012         1.                 South Africa                          Poland
18/02/2012         2.                     Italy                                  Canada
18/02/2012         3.                  India                                  Ukraine

19/02/2012         1.                    Italy                                  Poland
19/02/2012         2.               South Africa                          Ukraine
19/02/2012         3.                 India                                  Canada

20/12/2012                                  REST DAY

21/12/2012         1.                 Canada                              Ukraine
21/12/2012         2.                   Italy                              South Africa
21/12/2012         3.                Poland                                 India

22/02/2012         1.                 Ukraine                               Italy
22/02/2012         2.                 Canada                             Poland
22/02/2012         3.                  India                              South Africa 

23/02/2012                                  REST DAY

24/02/2012         1.              South Africa                         Canada
24/02/2012         2.                 Ukraine                             Poland
24/02/2012         3.                  Italy                                  India

25/02/2012         1.               5th in Grp                          6th in Grp
25/02/2012         2.               3rd in Grp                          4th in Grp
25/02/2012         3.               1st in Grp                          2nd in Grp

The tournament will shown live on TEN Sports

The timing will be declared soon....

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