Nov 20, 2011

Schedule of Champions Challenge 1 2011

Following is the schedule of FIH Champions Challenge 2011 which will be played in Johannesburg South Africa:

Group A: India, South Africa, Belgium, Poland
Group B: Canada, Argentina, Malaysia, Japan

26th November

 1.  Canada vs Malaysia (Pool B)
 2.  Argentina vs Japan (Pool B)
 3.  India vs Belgium (Pool A)
 4.  South Africa vs Poland (Pool A)

27th November

 5. Argentina vs Canada (Pool B)
 6. Malaysia vs Japan (Pool B)
 7. Belgium vs Poland (Pool A)
 8. South Africa vs India (Pool A)

29th November

 9. Canada vs Japan (Pool B)
10. Malaysia vs Argentina (Pool B)
11. India vs Poland (Pool A)
12. Belgium vs South Africa (Pool A)

1st December

13. 1st in Pool A vs 4th in Pool B (QF)
14. 3rd in Pool A vs 2nd in Pool B (QF)
15. 2nd in Pool A vs 3rd in Pool B (QF)
16. 4th in Pool A vs 1st in Pool B (QF)

2nd December

17. Loser Match 13 vs Loser Match 14 (5 to 8 classification)
18. Loser Match 15 vs Loser Match 16 (5 to 8 classification)

3rd December

19. Winner Match 13 vs Winner Match 14 (Semi Final)
20. Winner Match 15 vs Winner Match 16 (Semi Final)

4th December

21. Loser Match 17 vs Loser Match 18 (7/8 position)
22. Winner Match 17 vs Winner Match 16 (5/6 Position)
23. Loser Match 19 vs Loser Match 20 (3/4 Position)
24. Winner Match 19 vs Winner Match 20 (Final)

The tournament will be shown live on TEN Sports

Click here to check the Indian team for Champions Challenge 1

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