Sep 30, 2011

7 reasons why Hockey India is not right for Indian Hockey

Once hailed as messiah of Indian Hockey, Hockey India has turned out to be a big disappointment for Indian Hockey. Reason: They are unable to carry out even their basic duties. True to Indian hockey tradition, Hockey India made numerous promises but failed to deliver them. Since its inception, i.e in the year 2009 Hockey India has done more wrong things than it has done right.

Here are top 7 reasons which cleanly suggest why Hockey India is not right board for Indian Hockey

1. No central contract/salary/dues for the players
One of the first things that Hockey India said after being declared as the NSF was to award central contract to the players. But, today, two years later players still do not have contracts. In order to get their due, the players went on for strike just before 2010 World Cup as they were not paid salary by Hockey India. Indian men team still got better deal compared to women players. Women team which protested by wearing black armbands (they did not go for strike) were offered RS. 50000 in order to clear their dues worth Rs. 3 lac. Hockey India even did not pay the women players their train-fare which came to attend the national camp. If Hockey India cannot even pay the players how can they expect the players to return the favor and win for them and the country.

2. No live coverage
One thing that was good in the regime of Indian Hockey Federation was, the fans could watch games live on TV. Enter Hockey India and TV coverage of the tournaments stop. From the year 2010, except the World Cup no other tournament was given live TV coverage in India (leave out CWG and Asian Games, they are international sporting events). Today, live TV coverage is a distant dream for the Indian hockey fans. Hockey India was formed to promote the game after 2008 Olympic debacle but 3 years and 3 precious medals, Hockey India has failed to promote the game. For the financial period of 2009-10 (April 2009-March2010) Hockey India spent Rs. 11,65,233 for the promotion of the game

Well I don't think I have much to say on this. Numbers speak everything. If money is spent of umpires, where are they, and how does MEDICAL AID help in promoting the game. They just spent Rs. 6000 on PLAYERS PHOTOGRAPH (well I have never seen any official photograph of the team)

3. Step motherly treatment towards women and junior hockey
Since its formation, Hockey India has also done well in regularly overlooking both women's team and junior hockey teams. From offering just Rs. 50000 to clear their dues worth 3 lacs (for 1 single player) to not providing them proper coaching, Hockey India has done nothing for women's hockey. A lot of noise was made by everyone (incl. former players) when men team performed badly in INVITATIONAL tournament Sultan Azlan Shah. Hockey India asked for reports from the coach, players, managers and even sacked the coach after just one tournament but it failed to do so after women's team dismal performance in Champions Challenge (India just beat one team in entire tournament and lost all other games). Hockey India did not send junior team for Asia Cup because they did not know if the tournament because Hockey India 'thought' tournament was as unsanctioned and they did not have 'time' to send players to the tournament. India is supposed to organize junior World Cup next year (FIH did not consult Hockey India before awarding it to India) byt Hockey India has not conducted one single national in last three years for the junior teams. Hockey India were supposed to conduct national in July but there are no signs of it and its September So a big question comes out, how to select team for WC, simple ask each state to send its best2-3 players for national camp (Yes, this is what Hockey India is doing)

4. Not renewing Jose Brasa's contract
Jose Brasa has been best coach for India is last decade but Hockey India termed it a failure and did not renew his contract. A coach who helped India back on world hockey map, helped India to win its first medal in CWG (men), bronze in Asian Games was found to be a failure by Hockey India. The federation never gave him what is asked for, but still delivered. The most loved coach by the players and the fans was removed from the position of the coach. He cried many times against the hockey officials but they did not listen. He was even not invited for the felicitation ceremony after CWG. And over and above stupid reasons were given for his failure. 'We had top bring PC expert as he had nothing much to give. My question to Hockey India. How many Penalty Corner experts do you need in a team, 5, 10 or 15

5. Discriminating against the players
Discrimination is one department which is not new for Indian hockey. From the days of Sanjeev Kumar, Dhanraj Pillay to Sandeep Singh and Sardara Singh, be it IHF or HI, Indian hockey officials have always discriminated against the players. Prabhjot Singh, India's best left winger has not played even once for India since the World Cup and we don't even have a replacement for him. Add to that not selecting players who went for WSH meet to banning Sandeep and Sardara, Hockey India has constantly discriminated against the players. Even Mamta Kharab could not get spot in the team after she spoke about apathy she received from the hands of Hockey India. Due to discrimination, India has lost many good players but the officials are still not concerned about the players who are the most important part of Hockey India.

6. Lack of funds
Offering paltry Rs. 25000 after winning Asian Champions Trophy, Hockey India has insulted the players. Over that the statement that we can just afford Rs. 25000 tells all about Hockey India. If you cannot pay the players, or generate funds, leave administration to someone who can generate funds and give it back to hockey. Hockey India would have spent more money of fighting legal battles with Indian Hockey Federation than it has spent money to pay the players. With such a callous attitude, no one in Hockey India, especially Narinder Batra should be allowed to run hockey even for a day.

7. Dictatorship 
After KPS Gill, Indian hockey has got another dictator in the form of Narinder Batra. The treasurer of DDCA (Delhi & District Cricket Association) and general secretary of Hockey India, Narinder Batra is the new dictator of Indian Hockey. Whatever Narinder Batra says, happens in Indian hockey and everyone has to toe in line and listen to what he says. Recently when former India captain, 3 time Olympic Gold Medal winner and Guinness World record holder Balbir Singh Sr. made some casual comments about Narinder Batra at a dinner, Batra became angry and summoned Balbir Singh to explain his comments. Well everyone has freedom of speech and if Narinder Batra has done something wrong, he must listen to what an experienced person like Balbir Singh is saying. With this attitude, it is not long before he takes over the spot vacated by KPS Gill.

Both Hockey India and Indian Hockey Federation has not done anything credible for which they can be granted the status of  NSF for hockey. Indian hockey needs someone who is serious enough to work for the game of hockey. The hockey fans are tired for chair grabbing personnel's who are out to destroy hockey.

P.S- 25000 is the favorite number of Hockey India. They offered Rs. 25000 to the players when they went on strike before the World Cup in 2010 and again Rs, 25000 in 2011 when players won Asian Champions Trophy

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