Jul 30, 2011

Irked FIH takes Champions Trophy from India

Federation of International Hockey, unhappy by the 'settlement' between Indian Hockey Federation and Hockey India has decided to take away the hosting rights of Champions Trophy and Olympic Qualifiers. According to news in The Tribune, FIH has pulled out Champions Trophy and Olympic Qualifiers because settlement between Indian Hockey Federation and Hockey India is not according to the statutes of FIH and Olympic Charter.

FIH in its statement said. "The FIH has expressed its grave concern to the Indian Sports Minister about the settlement recently announced with Hockey India and Indian Hockey Federation, without the prior consultation of FIH."

FIH president Leandro Negre has also asked for an urgent meeting with the sports minister, president of Hockey India and Indian Olympic Association to discuss the problem. The settlement between IHF and Hockey India does not comply the statutes of FIH which does not permit the member to transfer or share the powers with the other body which is not the member of FIH or bound by the statutes of the FIH.

The biggest shock for Indian Hockey was when FIH decided to take away Championc Trophy and Olympic Qualifiers. "In the meantime, the FIH executive board has decided that it is neither possible nor appropriate to continue with the discussion with the HI to host tournaments in India over the next four year cycle particularity FIH Champions Trophy and both men's and women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament. The FIH greatly regrets this decision but it is left with not other alternative in the circumstances." FIH said. The 'settlement' also does not comply Indian government's guidelines and the draft of new sports bill.

This decision by the FIH is a big shock to Indian hockey fans who are already tired of differences between Indian Hockey Federation and Hockey India. MoS should take a serious action against both Indian Hockey Federation and Hockey India whose reign and differences have only caused problems for hockey.

(News source: The Tribune)

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