May 6, 2011

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2011: Results

Following are the results to matches played in the past two days

Day 1

Pakistan v New Zealand :  4-2
Goal scorers: Pak- Muhammad Rizwan, Syed Kashif Shah, Abdul Haseem Khan and Umar Bhutta
                       NZ- Andrew Hayward and Hugo Inglis

India v Korea :  2-3
Goal Scorers: Ind- Diwakar Ram and Danjish Mujaba
                       Kor- Cho Suk Hoon, Yoon Sung Hoon and Jang Jyon Hyon 

Malaysia v Great Britain: 1-3
Goal Scorers: Mal- Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin
                       GB- James Tindall, Richard Smith and Robert Moore

Day 2

Pakistan v Korea: 4-2
Goal Scorers: Pak- Rehan Butt, Sohail Abbas,  Abdul Haseem Khan and Waqas Akbar
                        Kor- Hyun Hye Sung (2)

India v Great Britain : 3-1
Goal Scorers: Ind- Rupinder Pal Singh (3)
                        GB- James Tindall

Malaysia v Australia- 1-2
Goal Scorers: Mal- Tengkyu Ahmad Tajuddin
                        Aus- Simon Orchard and Jason Wilson

Click here to read day 3 and 4 results

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