May 7, 2011

Five reasons why India will beat Australia

India will face Australia in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup tomorrow. This is the most important game in the tournament (after India-Pakistan, of-course) and both the teams would want to go for a win which will help in road to finals. After Australia's mauling of India in CWG (8-0), very few people will put their money on India to win this game. But this Indian team has great chance to beat Australia due to following reasons:

1. No Jamie Dwyer
Jamie Dwyer is currently the best hockey player of the world, I don't think that any team can stop him when he his fit and rolling, so his absence will be a great advantage to this team who will not have to play against hockey maestro. Jamie Dwyer absence and absence of other key players like Des Abbot, Rob Hammond and Luke Doerner will be a helpful to Indian team to beat Australia and stake claim on Sultan Azlan Shah Cup.

2. Great show against Great Britain
After losing the first game against Korea, Indian team came back very strongly and beat Great Britain 3-1. Bharat Chetri's brave effort between the pipes, good defense and Rupinder Pal Singhs 3 goals helped India sink Great Britain. The good thing about this team was that they controlled the pace of the game, slowing it down whenever needed. This intelligent game will help India beat Australia.

3. Arjun Halappa and Bharat Chetri
He is the most experienced player of this Indian side and his experience is certainly a boon to the team. Arjun Halappa will be the key to unlocking Australian midfield and make way for the forwards to score goals. Bharat Chetri will also be key against this Australian team. Chetri conceded jused 1 goal against Great Britain and made some wonderful saves to deny Great Britain many times. If both the players have a good game, it will be very difficult to beat India

4. Past record
India has good record in Sultan Azlan Shah and Indian team beat Australia 4-3 after a period of 7 yearswith goals from Tushar Khandekar(2), Shivendra Singh and Rajpal Singh. Tushar and Rajpal are not playing the tournament but Shivendra Singh is there who has become better and better. Last year's victory over Australia will part and motivate the team and give them belief that they can do it again this year.

5. Australia 'just' managed to beat Malaysia
Australia beat Malaysia 2-1 in their first game but the goals game in last 11 minutes of the game, the last goal was scored just 35 seconds before the final whistle. If Indian teams scores 2 goals early, it will be very difficult for Australian team to make a comeback. India needs to take initiative early and score goals. Earlier India score, more difficult it will be for Australian to come back.


  1. hope your prophecy comes true

  2. Near good, but the Indians are to blame for missing chances...

    Hope they whack Pakistan.