May 27, 2011

FIH Women Champions Challenge I: Schedule

Fixtures for this year's FIH Champions Challenge has been announced. India team which earned promotion after winning Champions Challenge II are placed in Group B along with Spain, Azerbaijan and the host of the tournament Ireland. Indian team is without captain Surinder Kaur who has opted out due to personal reasons. Saba Anjum is expected to take over the captaincy duties for the team.

Following are the fixtures of Champions Challenge 2011

Group A                                                                               Group B
Japan                                                                                  India
South Africa                                                                         Spain
United States                                                                       Ajerbaijan
Scotland                                                                              Ireland

18th June :   Japan v United States (1)                           
                   South Africa v Scotland  (2)                      
                   India v Ireland (3)                                 
                   Spain v Azerbaijan (4)                              

19th June :   United States v Scotland (5)                     
                   South Africa v Japan (6)                            
                   Azerbaijan v Ireland (7)                            
                   India v Spain (8)                                      

21st June :   Japan v Scotland (9)                                      
                   United States v South Africa (10)                
                   Azerbaijan v India (11)                              
                   South Africa v Ireland (12)                           

23rd June :  1st Pool A v 4th Pool B (13)                        
                   2nd Pool B v 3rd Pool A (14)                      
                   2nd Pool A v 3rd Pool B (15)                      
                   1st Pool B v 4th Pool A (16)                        

24th June :   Loser Match 13 v Loser Match 14 (17)                         (5th to 8th Classification)
                   Loser Match 15 v Loser Match 16  (18)      

25th June :   Winner Match 13 v Winner Match 14 (19)                              (Semi-finals)
                   Winner Match 15 v Winner Match 16 (20)  

26th June :   Loser Match 17 v Loser Match 18 (21)                                    (7th/8th Place)
                   Winner Match 17 v Winner Match 18 (22)                                (5th/6th Place)
                   Loser Match 19 v Loser Match 20 (23)                                   (3rd/4th Place)
                   Winner Match 19 v Winner Match 20 (24)                                      (Final)

The winner of this tournament will play in the next edition of Women's Champions Trophy.

*No in brackets indicate match number
(Source:  FIH website)

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