Apr 21, 2011

Why India and Pakistan should go ahead with proposed hockey series?

Indian and Pakistan hockey federations have proposed a 6 match hockey series which will be played on both sides of the border. The last bi-lateral series was played in the year 2006 where Pakistan beat India 3-1 in 6 match series where two matches ended in a draw.

India Pakistan hockey series, a great step for hockey promotion
Any sport in which India and Pakistan face each other are bound to become the game of the tournament irrespective of the result. The tension, energy shown on the field cannot be matched by any other match played on the earth. Hockey also had its share of great games thanks to India and Pakistan. Who can forget the great comeback by Indian team in the year 2003 or the 4-1 victory in the opening game of the World Cup or the 7-4 drubbing Pakistan team received against India in the CWG. These games have been a treat among the hockey fans around the world.

Similarly the proposed series will give hockey fans a great entertainment and even promote the game in both the countries. There have been 8 bi-lateral hockey series played among both the teams in which Pakistan has won 6 of them while India has just 1 (with one ending in a draw). The proposed series will turn out to be of great importance for the both the nations.  Pakistan would like to continue their winning streak in the bi-lateral series and erase the memories of 4 consecutive losses in the last year (World Cup, Sultan Azlan Shah, CWG and Asian Games).

Indian team would also like to continue their winning streak against Pakistan and try to win series which they have not done since 1986. But more importantly this series should be used as a medium to promote hockey in both the nations. There are no takers for hockey in media, hockey news in various websites come under more sports news, but this series should be used as a medium to bring hockey in the front page of every news papers, websites etc. No other match or tournament will give both the nations fuel to promote the national game of both countries. With proper promotion the tournament can be made a success which in turn would give monetary rewards to the federation. Hockey needs money and fame, this tournament can provide them with that, plus with the hockey Champions Trophy coming at the end of the year, this tournament can be used as a build up to that event. To save hockey, an interest has to be created among the people, and what better opportunity can be there for Indian hockey to generate the interest.

Both the federations should work together in this project and make it a success. Success in this tournament will help the game by generating media attention, sponsorships etc. This series can change the tides in the favor of hockey (I know I am being too optimistic) and bring the sport into limelight. There is no reason why both the nations should not go ahead with this tournament and promote hockey.

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