Apr 15, 2011

Some hockey news of past one week

1.India-Pakistan hockey series this year
The federations of the two country are in contact with each other and are trying to hold hockey bilateral series at the end of this year. India and Pakistan has not played any bilateral series since Mumbai terrorist attack and it will be a great opportunity to resume hockey ties. PHF  (Pakistan Hockey Federation) secretary Asif Bajwa has said that hockey series will help the game financially and also popularize hockey in both the countries. The series is likely to he held in the month of November or December.

2. MK Kaushik cleared of sexual harassment charges
Ministry of Sports cleared former Indian women's coach MK Kaushik of sexual harassment charges but he was guilty of using 'inappropriate language'. Injeti Srinivas, joint secretary of sports ministry told that the, 'the committee report said that the language used by the Kaushik was inappropriate. The problem was more about behavior than sexual misconduct'.

3. Harayana beat Mumbai to win Women's nationals
Harayana beat Mumbai 3-1 to win 56th IHF Women's Hockey Nationals. Narinder 8th min, Navneet 39th min, and Harpreet 59th min scored goals for Harayana and Nishi Choudury scored the lone goal for Mumbai in 14th min. In the third place play-off Bhopal beat Karnataka 1-0 with Hemlata Yadav scoring the only goal of the match. Few players also received individual awards for the stand-out performance of the tournament. Shweuta Shahi from UP received the best goalkeeper award, best full back of the tournament was Balwinder K Mehra from Bhopal, best half back was Sushila Pukhrambam from Mumbai, best forward was Chaitra from Karnataka, player of the final was Harpreet from Harayana and the most promising player of the tournament was Navneet from Harayana

4. Four Karnataka players dropped
Four players of Karnataka state team were dropped from Indian as they were participating in the Nationals than attending the camp for upcoming Champions Challenge tournament. Goalkeeper Ranjitha, midfielder Rakshitha, striker Kulsumbi and Saira Banu were dropped from the national team as they played in an 'unauthorized tournament'. This comes after court order which had said players should not be troubled till the problem of who will lead Indian hockey is solved. In this war (more like 100 years war) between Hockey India and Indian Hockey Federation, the players suffer the most but no one is there to listen to the players.

5. Olympians demand Bharat Ratna for Major Dhyanchand
Former Indian Olympians are demanding Bharat Ratna for Major Dhyanchand and saying that he should get the award before Sachin. Col. Balbir Singh, Zafar Iqbal, Aslan Sher Khan have demanded Bharat Ratna for Dhyanchand and said he should have received many years ago. Name Dhyanchand which is synonymous with Indian sports (we celebrate national sports day on his birthday) has not received the most prestigious Indian award. This has led to heated debates among the people on social media sites. Few people commented that they don't know who is Dhyanchand, while few other are saying that the former Olympians are resorting to cheap publicity. But majority agree that Dhyanchand should receive this award has he was the greatest hockey player in the world no one has even come close to be compared with Dhyanchand

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  1. Premshanker_shuklaApril 20, 2011 at 10:32 AM

    In fact most of the literature written on Hockey has been taken from the skills demonstrated by legendry Dhyanchand. He is solely responsible to popularise
    the game not only in India but across the World.Even Sachin will say that yes Bharat Ratna In Sports must first go to Magician of Hockey -Dada Dhyanchand.
    retd SAI Hockey Coach