Apr 3, 2011

Media will kill hockey now

I am not a cricket lover. In fact I hate cricket and did not want the Indian cricket team to win the World Cup. You can criticize me all you want but its my personal stand. But still I would like to congratulate the cricket team for winning the World Cup and giving millions of Indians (excl. me) a reason to cheer. The only reason I hate cricket is the act of media who have made the cricket players gods instead of good sportsmen and giving news about their clothes to their hairstyle. Thanks to too much cricket on TV especially news channels other sports are suffering(I blame the media for that not cricket). So, because of media and the admins of sports bodies (except cricket)other sports will suffer more. Especially the national game HOCKEY.

From the moment Indian cricket team has won the World Cup, media is going ga-ga over it. I also have no problem with that. The only thing that I have problem with is, that they are going to forget that other sports also exist in the country. They will have hours and hours of debate in which they will compare this World Cup winning team to last Indian World Cup winning team but would not tell about I-league that is going on currently and how there is no broadcaster to show the games live to Indian football fans. Media has not given any news on All India Inter-Railway Women's Hockey Tournament which finished on 29th and is not going to give any news on the hockey camp that is being conducted for the preparation of Sultan Azlan Shah next month.
Obsession of cricket in media is killing the hockey. I am sure they will go to Pataudi and take his interview who will again say that cricket should be made the national game of India instead of hockey, but no find out the problem with hockey. News channels conduct hours of debate over who should be selected in the playing 11 but will not give a 5 minutes slot to hockey, where they can brief about what is happening in the World of Hockey.
It is rare that these news agencies take interviews of hockey players or the coaches. They do not cover the training sessions that take place. In 2010 World Cup, news agencies were more interested in IPL than the Hockey World Cup. And as soon as Indian team was knocked out, they shifted their entire focus towards cricket and hockey news coming out were negligible. Huge ruckus was created by the media over Greg Chappel and his tenure with Indian cricket team. But news channels did not even raise their eyebrows when Jose Brasa and Bob Houghton. Media hails the cricket players who go to play under-19 World Cup, but many would not even know that AFC Challenge Cup is going on.
Media only care about things that increases their TRP and brings revenues. But that is not the job of media. Media's job is to give news to the people in which they have failed. We always blame the sports bodies for not doing their part for the development of the game, but media is also not far behind and doing equally well in keeping other games in shadows.
Sultan Azlan Shah cup is going to start next month, but there is no news regarding the event. There is no broadcaster who is going to show games live on TV and news agencies won't even care about giving the final scores to the fans (forget about the highlights). With this World Cup win, it is going to be a daunting task to promote hockey as there is going to be very less support from the media. The only hope that hockey has is to win all the upcoming tournaments and give a hope of winning medal in Olympics


Raks said...

me too a media person jimmy and like our national game very much.. me too feel sorry for not been able to do anything for this game as i am for those top most official according to whom the private channels run.. feel help less.. but still support my hockey too.. dil se

jimmybhogal said...

I know private channels need money to survive and earn profits, and I totally agree that pvt channels will go only for those things/shows which will get them money, but the thing that hurts me is national channels like DD who do not show the game live on TV. If pvt channels are not coming up, at least they could show the game live or even the highlights. Hockey news appears in scrolling that is the thing which hurts me the most. There are many examples by which hockey can be popularized but no one will listen and do anything. That is killing hockey

Raks said...

lets contact mr. makan and asked him to do sumthng