Apr 1, 2011

Hockey to bleed blue this Olympics

Hockey to bleed blue this Olympics. Well this is not a campaign by Nike to support hockey in Olympics but the color of synthetic turf (pitch) which is going to be of blue color as compared to traditional green color used in hockey matches.

An impression of the turf
London Olympic Committee has said that the color of the hockey pitch will be of blue color and pink on the off pitch sides to differentiate between the playing area and the non playing area.
Blue colored pitches are sure to become the biggest attraction of the London Olympics as it would be for the first time a different colored pitch has been used at an international event.
This move is taken to make the game more interesting for the spectators. It will also improve viewing for the players, officials and the broadcasters.
There will be two pitches of blue and pink color, one will be in 16000 capacity hockey stadium and other will be used for practice.
Great Britain International Alex Wanson said that it is going provide strong contrast for the players against white balls and white lines.
Adaptability might be one of the concerns for the players who are not used to playing on these pitches. The quality of the pitch will be same as compared to the earlier ones, but color change might have some effect on the players.
This blue color might be of some discomfort for the players, but for the fans it is going to be great and exciting ride in the Olympics.

(The above image has been taken from BBC, I do not own the images)

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