Mar 31, 2011

Some hockey news of past one week

1. Hockey to Bleed Blue
No, it is not a campaign by Nike for Indian hockey, but its the color of pitch for 2012 London Olympics. According to 2012 Olympic Committee, the pitch color will be blue and pitch run-off areas will be pink which will make it better for the players, spectators officials and broadcasters.

2. FIH warns players
FIH has warned the players not to participate in the unauthorized tournaments firing a direct shot against IHF's World Series hockey. Players will have to take NOC from the respective national bodies to play in any tournament. If player/s do not take NOC the national bodies have every right to take disciplinary action against the players.

3. FIH affirms Hockey India's supremacy
FIH has once again said that there is only one recognized hockey board in India that is Hockey India. And players are advised not to participate in tournaments which are not other than the recognized hockey board (how many times are they going to say that)

4. All India Inter-Railway Hockey Tournament
All India Women's Inter-Railway hockey tournament started on 24th and finished on 29th. Eight teams participated in the tournament. As usual there is no information about the result of the tournament anywhere.

Got this piece of news from stick2hockey. Pargat Singh is not happy with the appointment of Harinder Singh as coach of national team. He said that they wasted their time. He wanted a good coaching mechanism for Indian hockey. but Harendra Singh who had the support of Narendra Batra got the job. Harendra Singh's first test will be Sultan Azlan Shah tournament. India were joint champions last year with Korea and will look to retain the crown

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  1. Was wondering how does it matters to me and why am i botheted about this not so popular game! Is it because of Jimmy charisma!!