Mar 11, 2011

IHF vs HI battle: Last few hours

HI the crown king of hockey?
In next 24 hours, a decision will be taken about which of the two (Indian Hockey Federation and Hockey India) will head hockey in India. Government had asked for a week from the Supreme Court during which it will resolve the ongoing battle between IHF and HI. And due to this battle, the players are suffering, again.
Hockey  preparatory camp which was supposed to start from 10th March has been postponed indefinitely as both the Indian team (men and women) do not have a coach. Meanwhile both IHF and HI are fighting over everything, starting from who will be the sole head of Indian Hockey to the selection of coaches and the players for the camp. Indian Hockey Federation wants V Bhaskaran (for the 5th time) or Jude Felix (I agree with this) for men's team and GS Bhanu for women's team.While Hockey India  wants to have Harendra Singh (he has done nothing for hockey in my view) and C.R Kumar for women's team. (Source: K Arumugam, stick2hockey) 
But this final battle is set to won by Hockey India as they are the recognized body by the FIH (Federation of International hockey). They have also removed President Vidya Stokes and thereby adhering to the rules set by MoS (Ministry of State). It seems quite impossible that IHF will be able to do anything against it. But till the time IHF is headed by KPS Gill, anything is possible. The only advantage that IHF has that it has court's decision in its favor which says it was wrong to dissolve IHF due to teams bad performance.
So, its just matter of few hours when we will know who will reign as the supreme king of Indian Hockey.

In other hockey news FIH has again told IHF to stop saying that it is recognized body of the IHF. FIH says that it had de-recognized IHF in the early 2000s as India did not have a single body for men and women team (IHF for men and IWHF for women). The only body that is recognized by FIH that time was IHC (Indian Hockey Confederation).
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  1. what is the the latest status regarding above subject plz update ..?

  2. Government has asked for three more weeks to take the decision. Meanwhile, Hockey India has been cleared to send the team for Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

  3. I hope this issue will be resolved soon. An excellent initiative of World Series Hockey will be ruined. I am so waiting for it. If HI wins the battle they should go ahead and sign same contracts with Nimbus to save this great initiative of WSH.