Oct 9, 2010

India vs Pakistan: Round 3

So after 5 months and 2 days, India and Pakistan will fight each other for the battle to reach the semi-finals tomorrow. India Pakistan encounters are always the hot topic for any tournament and looking at the importance of this match, it will be no short of a thriller.


[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Rajpal Singh, captain courageous "][/caption]


Pakistan has had a good tournament so far, with comfortable wins over Scotland(3-0) and Malaysia(4-1).

On the other hand, India beat Malaysia after a tough fight and lost to Australia in the second game. Looking at the build-

up to this match, Pakistan has slight advantage over Indian team.

Also to add to the woes, Indian team is not clicking the defense department, as they keep on gifting goals to the opponents. Malaysia and Australia scored easy goals against India. Also with Sandeep Singh not having a good time with penalty corners, it makes tough for Indian team.

Last time when India met Pakistan in SAZ, the Indian team emerged victorious with a scoreline of 4-2.

But with Pakistan's duo to Shakeel Abbasi and Rehan Butt in top form, it is going to be a tough task for Indian defense to stop them.

Indian players will have to take inspiration form the captain Rajpal Singh. He is having a good tournament with his fitness and body language way ahead the rest of the team. He along with Arjun and Shivender will have to take all the work load and score goals for the team.

Indian players have good technique but the major problem they are facing is metal toughness.Getting nervous during the game's crucial moments and thus losing the game. Indian team needs to solve this problem in order to suceed in future.

Tomorrow's game will be good with the crowd backing the team. This will give the players confidence.So fasten your seat belts and hold on your hands. We have a cracker of a game tomorrow

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