Aug 13, 2010

What to expect from hockey in CWG?

Hockey has always been a major part of world events. Be it Olympics Asian Games, CWG or even Winter Olympics(Ice Hockey).This year too the fans will be waiting for the hockey stars to perform and win the prestigious GOLD medal in CWG 2010. So here is small list of what to expect this time from hockey...
No.1: Participation of Indian teams
Commonwealth Games Federation has sent a letter to FIH inquiring about the participation of Indian teams due to recent problems in Indian hockey.If India is not allowed to participate then it will be a big blow which will make hockey boring. And there are chances that even fans will stay away from the games.
No.2: Gold medal Australia
Any questions on this guys. The winner of World Cup 2010,Champions Trophy and the last edition of CWG, world no1 Australia are favorites and sure to win Gold medal. The nearest competitor for them is England, who despite their good performance will fall short of beating the Kookaburas.
No.3: Quest for the final
Australia are sure going to be one of the finalist. But we are talking about the other two teams which will battle for a single spot. England and New Zealand. They are easily the best teams after Australia in the CWG. And they will to all it takes to reach the final. So, lets wait and watch what happens, England or Black sticks (New Zealand)
No.4: Story of under-dogs
Pakistan, Malaysia and India(if we are allowed to play) are the under-dogs this time too. Every other teams fears these three teams, as these teams have ability to beat any team on their day.But, we cannot ignore their recent performance in the tournaments. If the teams performs well, then we can see some changes in the medal standings as far has hockey is concerned.
No.5: India vs Pakistan
This needs no introduction, one of the most awaited hockey match of CWG 2010 is India vs Pakistan. India Pakistan matches are bigger than the gold medal match and how cool it would be, if both the teams reach final this time.
There are 10 teams participating in both men and women events this time and hockey fans will get full 10 day of hockey action.So let us all celebrate CWG and show hospitality to all the tourist who come to watch one of the greatest sporting events of all times

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  1. India vs Pakisthan in Final..Really could be an exciting encounter...But if India allowed to play and to get their day well..