Aug 7, 2010

Too (2) exciting days for Indian hockey

Last time when it was popular was during the World Cup. But Aug 5th and 6th has brought popularity back again, but this time it was no match on the field, but the match was off the field. Let us look back at the events in brief and see what happened on those days
August 5: Every hockey fan was just thinking about one thing that day (assumption), who will become the next president of Hockey India. Well as the day progressed everyone found out that 83 year old Vidya Stokes won the elections and became the next president of Hockey India. Fan favorite Pargat Simgh lost, the score was 41-21.....
Round 1 goes to Vidya Stokes.
Like every other fan, I was disappointed and thought with this result all the things regarding the revival, survival of Indian hockey was lost. Went through many websites and saw hundreds of comments which said that voters have selected wrong candidate for the job. On the other hand, I saw disappointment from Pargat Singh when he said that he was hurt when hockey players did not vote for him.
August: 5: Suddenly a news came on the websites of most of the Indian newspapers which said Hockey India has been de-recognized by MoS. Another bolt from the blue for me. Two shocking news in one day. And, suddenly everyone was happy to hear the news. With HI de-recognized by government, the thought that came into my mind was....
Yes at last the government is thinking about hockey. As they say, better late then never.....
Round 2 goes to MoS
August 6: New day brought new problems for hockey, if not HI then who. There was also a doubt that FIH might ban Indian hockey team for the events organized by it. Then shocker number 3 IHF had been re-instated by MoS to carry out the administration of hockey. A letter to FIH said that, MoS has de-recognized HI and reinstated IHF.
Round 3 goes to MoS
If we see the events that has taken place, we can say that the match has been won by MoS, and more importantly hockey has won it. De-recognition of HI has brought some good news as well as some tough days for hockey. And with IHF coming back into power I seriously hope that they do not repeat their old mistakes. Hockey has had its share of bad publicity. We do not want it anymore. So as usual we can only wait and watch what next will happen in Indian hockey and let us hope it is Chak De again for Indian Hockey.

Breaking news: FIH says that it will not recognize IHF, HI is the only recognized body of hockey in India

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