Aug 28, 2010

Jose Brasa: Victim of Hockey Politics

Indian hockey has always seen coaches talking about ill-treatment they received from the hockey administrators and the story of Jose Brasa is nothing different. Out of frustration he has told media the problems he has faced as a coach. This leads to a bigger question,"What does administrators want from a coach?" They want him to give good results. Great, every board expects that, but for that even the board has to put in some effort. And in that Hockey India has done nothing. Mismanagement is not a new word for HI. They even have support of IOA and SAI. So HI can do anything it wants, good or bad.
Narinder Batra said,"I talked to some players and they said whatever he(Brasa) had, he has given in the first few months and now he has nothing to give. He has no idea about drag flicks, so we hired Jugraj Singh." No offense Mr Batra, even you do not know about hockey but still you were at the highest level. OK, it can be argued that Jose Brasa has no idea about drag flicks, but the team has only one drag flicker at the max two. And they have been doing this work for many years, can't the players figure it out themselves. Chief coach is hired as a tactician, not a person who will teach the players, how to hold the stick.
Mr. Batra you have talked to players regarding the coach's performance but did you talk to them about salary. I guess you did not that is why the players had to strike just days before World Cup to get their dues. HI had introduced a manger in the team who will help in taking the decision of team selection,i.e. the starting 11 of the team. Is it not supposed to the job of a coach instead of a manager.
SAI has also rapped Jose because he gave an interview to the media. For me this has been the biggest problem ever. No coach is allowed to give his views. If coach is not allowed to pick the team, have his own coaching staff and even speak to the media, then what is he supposed to do?
Narinder Batra said that his contract will not be renewed. Well HI cannot take any decisions now. If the body does not want to renew the contract, no problem, but let him perform at his will for once and then see the result. If the results are not satisfactory, then remove him. Jose Brasa had a plan for Indian hockey, let him introduce the plan and see the results. It could be helpful for the team. Or else how much time you need to remove a coach.
Jose Brasa victim of politics
No one knows what is going behind the closed doors of Indian hockey. HI themselves never fulfilled their promises(if they ever made any) but Jose Brasa has delivered. The team ranking now stands at 9. You cannot achieve success in a short time. Long term plans are necessary, and the coach should implement it. But in Indian hockey you cannot implement your plans, if the board does not like you, then you cannot do a thing against them.
This has been happening against Jose Brasa now and it seems that he will become the next martyr of Indian hockey. People have come and they have gone, but what has not changed is the attitude of the board. It is time to change that or else no coach will stay with the team....

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