Aug 4, 2010

God bless Sports ministry

Indian Sports ministry runs differently than others. Or else how can you explain their actions. For ex. Sports Ministry has set a retirement age for the office bearers to 70 years, but still Vidya Stokes was allowed to compete at the age of 83. Well that's a different story.
The point now is, MoS has sent show cause notice to both HI and IHF on different issues. Both the parties were asked to clarify how are they going to meet the guidelines of the FIH. In a surprise turn of events, MoS has asked HI, why should it not revoke the membership of HI as it being a private body (MS Gill are you serious), while IHF has been sent a notice which says, is IHF ready to accept the guidelines of MoS. After the ruling of Delhi High Court, this is the first time, Sports Ministry has acted on the ruling. But this news has come as a shocker to Hockey India and also the hockey fans. Suddenly, Hockey India finds itself in corner, and IHF is back in the main frame. IHF has answered to the notice and said that it is ready to follow the guidelines, set up by the ministry. IHF is also ready to merge with IWHF(Indian Women Hockey Federation) for this purpose.
With the sudden change in fortunes, it can be said, inspite of conducting elections, HI may cease to exist. Any one can be there in hot seat, if the person is doing work to promote Indian Hockey

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  1. I would say at last ministry’s wisdom working …This step should have taken long back when Delhi High Court given order in favour of IHF regarding reorganization of IHF. It became unavoidable when Vidya stoke deny to follow govt rue regarding age and tenure limit. It got boosted further when Delhi High Court refer HI as private body…I see this as opportunity to kick out vidya stoke and his team..But same time I feel MOS still have to take confidence of FIH as whatever decision they are taking is fully democratic and in favour of HOCEKY in INDIA otherwise all home problem will be resolved but FIH may create problem with recognisation if IHF to ensure final and permanent solution..