Aug 5, 2010

Feeling sorry for Indian hockey

Vidya Stokes, the president of Hockey India, it does not sound good to me. After all what can a 83 year old deliver for hockey. My answer to this question is 'nothing'. While Pargat Singh, ex-captain and former Olympian and the fan favorite lost with the scoreline of 41-21. What were those 41 members thinking at the time of voting?

This 83 year old did not pay heed to the government guidelines regarding the age limit of contesting. I read lots of comments on TOI, and everyone just had one thing to say, she will use stick to walk, there is nothing else that she can do with a hockey stick. She is a politician, check out her wikipedia page. I don't want to see her face. Not only her, but her accomplices Narinder Batra (a weed) also won the post of secretary with the margin of 41-18. These margin are really huge, and I guess the people who voted for them had their own personal interest. What is the other reason except dirty politics that one can win the three major posts during the elections. There are just two reasons why any one would select them
1. They have done their work so well, in the past that they deserve to be there.
I am sure that they have not done anything in this regard, with fans unable to view live matches, IHF was better
2. The voters vested interest in giving them victory.
I will vote on this point, as there is no other reason that why would one vote for them.

If the posts of President, Sec General and Treasurer belong to Narinder Batra, I feel rest every one should quit their posts (incl Jose Brasa) because they won't let anyone come in their way. It will be dictatorship all again, but this time it will be murkier than before.
Now I don't have anything to say on this because there is no point in continuing talking about them. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for now.

P.S: - I want IHF back, can we not do something about it....


  1. And why Jose Brasa including? He is a very good coach, I think the Indian Hockey team has improved under him, and has nothing in common with HI but only being repressed by them: having no power in the selection process, ban of speaking with the media, etc.

  2. Jimmy....its not about who gets the job, but what will they do with it. We always say that game & players needs improvement but I say it needs marketing.Even if the Indian cricket teams losses it make no differnce coz the networks will telecast another match where India wins. The game is not marketed well, do you think if we won the world cup in 2010 wud that make a difference to the game, no as winning the Asia games by Dhanraj's side did not even set the ball rolling at that time.It is we Indian's who love the game of cricket & not hockey that means good TRP's and cash for the broadcasting channel.People in India know Dhanraj Pillay as much as they know Tendulkar but did u ever see Dhanraj pose with a Pespi or Boost...except for reebok becoz they where the national team sponsor at that time.

  3. Jose Brasa does not have any say in the team selections sir, so he is just the puppet, he cannot carry out the work in the way he wants, soits better to quit