Jul 15, 2010

One team, two selection committees

Hockey lovers were happy when KPS Gill led IHF was back again and competing against Hockey India to be the sole representative of administering Indian hockey. But why you are making fool of youself by forming a selection committee when you are not the position where you can select teams.

And over and above that, you have named former international players Dilip Tirkey, Baljeet Singh Dhillon, Anil Aldrin, Sayyed Ali and Abdul Gafoor Khan.

The only question that I want to ask you is, Why did you name selectors when you are not in power? And above that Why did you name former players as selectors? They also might get into serious trouble.

Hockey India and Indian Hockey Federation are at loggerheads since the day of inception of Hockey India. But all the suffering is done by Indian hockey.

So, IHF could have waited for their day and then named the selectors. As such the selectors won't be paid to do the job, so it is better that you wait for your time and then release a press statement or better option, term it as a late April Fool joke and then when the time comes release the statement.

You also know know that Hockey India is going for an election on 28th July, so it not possible to make hasty decisions and create problems from the players also. It better you talk about the people sitting for elections and the rigging that is going to take place there by candidates (Narinder Batra and Vidya Stokes).

You could have talked about how well are the nationals going on. It has reached semi-final state and you should have done press releases about that. But, you chose to make mockery of yourself by giving the names of the selectors.

What is done is done, next time when you do something, please select the appropriate time to do the work, as means justifies the end.

Hope to hear good news from you in future........

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