Jul 25, 2010

Know your stars: Sandeep Singh

Sandeep Singh- The man on top of Indian hockey
Who is Sandeep Singh? In one sentence it can be said that, "India's answer to Sohail Abbas." He is the top hockey star of India in current scenario. Born in Shahbad in Harayana, the goal scoring machine has made the country proud on many occasion. He is also known as Sultan of Shahbad.
Born on 27th February, 1986 Sandeep shot in to the limelight when he top-scored at the 2004 Junior World Cup, which India won for the first time. And that was in Karachi, Pakistan. He made his senior debut at the 2004 Sultan Azlan Shahs Cup, and was taken for the Athens Olympics from there. Since then he has been in the team, and when not there it became a national news.
He has seen many problems in his playing career. Except Penalty Corner skills, his ability as a defender is not good. He entered the team as a fullback. Played a tournament or two in the position of right half and also featured as a forward in the team, but still he is unable secure a fix position in the team. Going through hardships in his life is not a big deal for this young man.
On 22 August 1986, he was hit by a bullet while he was traveling in Shatabdi Express to join the team for World Cup. There was talk of paralysis while most experts wrote off his hockey career. But perhaps hockey was his life and he never wanted to let go. Whether doctors cured him or his determination to win the turfwar of life, Sandeep emerged from the hospital with a hockey stick in hand.
His love-hate relationship with coach Joquim Carvalho was a big media event in 2007, especially after India did not qualify for the 2008 Olympics. He returned to national side under coach AK Bansal in the 2008 Azlan Shah Cup. He scored 9 goals there to emerge as the top scorer. India reached the finals there after 12 years gap and won the Silver.
Looking at the stats his PC conversion was 6.2/10 as compared to other players. Even Sohail Abbas does not have that kind of conversion rate.
Sandeep Singh has always been center of India's plans in every games and the games usually revolves around his Penalty Corner conversion. India's has produced many PC experts but none has reached the level of Sandeep Singh (except Jugraj Singh).
Sandeep has been a captain of the team for few tournaments.
I have watched him play in junior level tournaments. His PC his were hard and fast. The thought of standing aginst his drag-flicks was meaning looking at death before your eyes.
But that is all together a different story, Sandeep has ability to do wonders for the team and I am sure he will do many wonders and make the country proud. His recent performance is a proof of that. He has been top goal scorer of India against Belguim and France legs of European tour.
Keep rocking veere!!


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