Jul 6, 2010

Hockey: Pride or Free Ride (Part 2)

There is one question in my mind- What is the difference between IHF and HI. According to me there is just change of letters in that and nothing else. Or one can say the number of members who are running the game. In case of IHF, there was only one who was taking care of everything, KPS Gill. He had everything in control and all the decision taken were his solely( not to mention Jyothikumaran who used to sell the place in teams). And on the other hand Hockey India. Run by Narinder Batra and Vidya Stokes ( even they don't know who is running the show), they are doing everything in their power to stop IHF coming back and not thinking about hockey. India has lost many tournaments in past 3 years.
Forget about Punjab Gold Cup and Azlan Shah, except that, has the team won any tournament. Have they even finished 2nd in any tournament? Answer is simple,"NO". So what should be done on that. How about analyzing the team's performance in the tournaments and training them so that they improve. We have changed many coaches, some where changed on losing tournaments and others were changed even after winning the tournaments. But no one really cares about the performance of the team. We blamed IHF a lot for their management and KPS Gill for his dictatorship.
But in his reign we were able to see live games on TV. Hockey India has not even given us that. Fans have to search for live streams so that they could get glimpse of a match.
Also there are only few websites that show updates about hockey. Its time for Hockey India to take responsibility now and let their actions speak. IHF is on its toes and they will not miss any opportunity to get back to the top spot. It is upto HI to take care of its admin.
We have nationals going on now but there is no news. I know that Hockey India does not endorse it, but what is their problem if someone is doing something for the betterment of hockey. There are no private players coming up for helping out hockey and they will not unless the admins ask for it. But the attitude problem of the officials won't help the team. They are more concerned about how to stop others from taking their position then thinking about hockey.
What should be the solution?
Hope to hear from you

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  1. jIMMY U Pointed out correct thing ..Problems lies with admin and selector seating in HI or IHF they are replica of each other good for nothing ...