Jul 26, 2010

Hockey India elections: Pargat Singh vs Vidya Stokes

Pargat Singh
Vidya Stokes
July 28th is a big day for Indian hockey, because Hockey India is going to hold its election. After months of delay and ultimatums from FIH (no worries on that,HI did not care ), Indian hockey will now have a "democratically" elected body to take decisions for the game.
Two people who are eying for the top job are Pargat Singh, ex captain of Indian team and star performer of his time ( remember that game, when he helped India to draw the game against Holland, when team was trailing 5-1). He is against Vidya Stokes, a 83 year old lady who is past her age to contest elections (70 set by the Sports Ministry) and I guess she does not know anything about hockey, but sure she knows about politics.
It remains to be seen that who will be chosen to run the game, a lady in power for 4 decades, or an ex-player, who lived in dormitory rooms which the Federations used to provide for playing for the country, who played for India for about a decade and who created tens of hockey academies in his state.
Now the voters have to decide who will they choose.Indian hockey requires a person who is capable and has done something for hockey. And I personally do not see Vidya having done anything for hockey in past 40 years. Compared to him Pargat Singh, who is occupying the top spot in Punjab sports administration and has opened few academies and laid turfs for practice.
Hockey needs people who know hockey and not those who needs politics. Looking at the current scenario, Pargat Singh has a good support from the former players and it seems possible that he will be the president of Indian hockey.
Looking at the other candidates competing in the election for the other post, there are many unknown names. The major action will be the President elections and hockey lovers want Pargat Singh to be the next president. So loves please pray for Pargat Singh's victory as he is the one who can turn around hockey and help reach India at the top.

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