Jul 3, 2010

Germany beats India

Hamburg Masters Cup is going as per the football World Cup. Yesterday Netherlands won and today Germany won the game. But the sad part is both the wins came against Indian team. Indian hockey team has lost to Germany and thus do not have any chances to win the Hamburg Masters. Indian team has both the games with big margins.

Surprisingly first goal was scored by Sandeep Singh in 2nd min, but Germany equalized in 11th minute. There were 4 goals in first fifteen minutes, two from each team. And then Germans picked their game and won the match comfortably.

Goal scorers for India were Sandeep Singh, Rajpal Singh and Dharamvir Singh. The performance of Indian team was better as compared to Netherlands but against full strength German side there was nothing that Indian team could do.

Team still lacks focus and we could see that by the timings of goal scored. The German team were able to play good counter attacking game. They got themselves a goal in seconds after Rajpal Singh scoring.

Also, game pressure takes toll on the matches. Last minutes jitters were still there and India conceded 2 goals in last 6 minutes.

India play Japan tomorrow and it will be interesting to watch as both the teams have lost their games. Fight for the third spot is open and I seriously hope that India wins the game tomorrow

Goal scorers

2nd min: Sandeep Singh
11th min: Jan Marco Montag
15th min: Rajpal Singh
15th min: Florian Fuchs
41st min: Dharamvir Singh
50th min: Max Müller
64th min: Christopher Zeller
70th min: von Drachenfels

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