Jul 27, 2010

Court raps the Government and my views

IndianHockey Federation
Hockey India
Hockey India elections tomorrow are in trouble. The court has asked the government to stay away from the elections as it is a private body. It also said that only Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) is the only recognized body to run the sport.
The court also said, Hockey India should tell it to all the units that the elections will be conducted only when the confusion of its status is cleared.
The court had earlier given an order de-recognized IHF, by telling that the federation cannot be dismissed due to performance of the team in the tournament and reinstated IHF. But Hockey India still remained as the administrative body of sports.
The government also played a major role in it. They did not pay heed to the ruling if High Court and still went ahead with Hockey India. It is also sending a observer to look over the elections taking place.
In my opinion the Government is making mockery of itself. From the time Hockey India was formed, Suresh Kalmadi and MoS have not given hockey justice. They de-recognized on grounds of the performance of the team in Olympic Qualifiers and Jyothikumaran issue. Since when organizations have been dissolved due to problem created by one man. And if the India, did not qualify, the blame belongs to the players too. Like the football team of France, the players should also have been banned by the government.
If government is so engrossed with hockey, why the elections were not held earlier. FIH had given many deadlines to the board, and still it was allowed to function. The last deadline that was given was of May 31, still they were unable to hold elections. They are going to hold election after two months of the last deadline. While court has asked to put a stop to it.
Government should have taken care about it when the court came out with the decision. They should have tried to solve the problem. But the government did not think about that. Hockey India has shown more unprofessional ism than IHF. I don't think that they did anything for hockey from the time it was formed. They just wasted the resources given to them. It is said that they received Rs. 13 crore from the government, but they did not even pay the salary to the players.
Change in the guard might help Indian hockey, but it is unsure that the court will allow or not, the elections to take place. We can only sit and hope for the betterment of the game, till the goons leave hockey

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