Jun 5, 2010

Too many cooks spoil the party

Next 10 days are going to be very important for Indian hockey. Three different bodies- both men and women(all of them claiming themselves to be the parent body) will hold their general house meetings from between 6th and 14th June.

Two of these bodies(IHF and IWHF) besides reiterating their claims to be the genuine representative national association controlling the game of hockey may also announce their respective calendar of events, including holding of national seniors, juniors and sub-juniors championships.

While the third group, Hockey India has called the meeting to propose the series of changes in its constitution before the elections take place. Meeting by KPS Gill which is backed by the decision of High Court will meet on 6th June. Indian Women’s Hockey Federation will have its meeting on 12th June.

Recently there was a meeting(which was kept low profile) between officials of FIH that included Lendre Negro, the president of FIH with Hockey India and Union Ministry of Sports discussing the steps to be taken for future.

The biggest problem for the FIH and the ministry is to decide which of these three bodies should be recognized.

Now when India is due to play in the Women’s World Cup in Argentina and also to host the Commonwealth Games Hockey events in October, the foremost question both before the Ministry of Sports and the International Hockey Federation will be which of the three bodies to recognize. Sources reveal that in the records of the International Hockey Federation, neither the Indian Hockey Federation nor the All-India Womens’ Hockey Association figure anywhere. The only body recognized from India by the FIH after 2001 was the Indian Hockey Confederation. It may be pertinent to mention here that in 2001, there was a formal merger of the mens’ and womens’ hockey bodies at the national level.

It was only in 2008 that the FIH formally recognized Hockey India and wanted a democratically elected body in place in time for the 2010 World Cup. Litigation and other problems, however, made the FIH to extend the deadline to May 31. Again this deadline could not be followed.

Three different bodies are controlling the sport of Hockey in India and if this continues then there could not be any development of the sport.

National game has already suffered a lot and if this continues no one can stop the down slide of hockey in India

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