Jun 25, 2010

Hockey nationals from July 4th

KPS Gill backed IHF has decided to hold nationals from 4th July in Madhya Pradesh. I guess we owe it to MP government who in recent times have helped Indian hockey. During the recent meeting of IHF, it was MP government who asked for the permission and they got the permission to hold the elections.
Nationals which is supposed to be conducted every year was last conducted in 2005 by Andhra Pradesh. It was nearly two years before IHF was disbanded. In its two years Hockey India has not held a national tournament. Now the nationals will be conducted from 4th of July to 18th of July which will help boost the domestic national scene.
IHF had sent letters to all the state units inviting them for the national tournaments and it is expected that most of the states will send their teams for the tournament. Many states have been facing problem to get membership under HI and this till help IHF to strengthen their place as the body running Indian hockey. Even Sports Association of India is alsp going to participate in the nationals.
The move of the Madhya Pradesh government to organize the long over due Nationals is also a slap on the face of Hockey India, which gave permission to organize a women tournament in Bhopal recently, and then backstabbed them by not allowing the national team members – who were ironically in a camp in the same city -- to take part.
Meanwhile the president of Hockey India, Vidya Stokes has warned all the states not to participate in the on coming nationals and is they participate a strict disciplinary actions will be taken against those teams. She said,"We have learnt that the Government of Madhya Pradesh is planning to conduct the men’s National Championship at Bhopal from July 4 to 18, 2010."
“Strict disciplinary action and penalisation as deemed fit would be taken against all those teams and players who participate in such kind of unauthorised tournaments,”
She laid an emphasis that Hockey India and not the Indian Hockey Federation is the sole administrator for the sport in the country. Hockey India is in danger of losing its position as the administrator of Indian hockey after the dismantled IHF came back after court ruled out their ban.
Hockey India is now facing a rejuvenated and determined Indian Hockey Federation who have started taking initiatives to help and improve hockey(at least in the domestic stage).
KPS Gill also made his point and did not pay heed to the warning. He quoted to Hindustan Times,“There are a lot of aspiring hockey players in the country. We don’t care about the warnings and despite it, I am sure that we will enjoy good participation,”.
While Hockey India is considering at holding their own nationals in November or December this year. But with the track record of missing deadlines, we will have to wait and watch if they are even able to conduct the nationals, because they have not still conducted their elections.

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