May 9, 2010

Sultan Azlan Shah tournament's performance

India beat Pakistan yesterday 4-2, that result might be good in order to reach semi-finals but as per the performance this result is not a good one. Most of the players in the Pakistan's team are not experienced. The players haven't played an international tournament at this level. There is a great difference between junior and senior teams so one cannot rate the match against Pakistan as a great achievement. before that match Indian team drew the match with China and the goal coming from the Indian players was in the last minute of the game. After a long time I have seen the Indian scoring in the last minute of the game, otherwise the team always conceded goals. But the performance was below par. As we see the performance of last 5 games, India have won three of them. So India should consider this as a game lost against China. Now the next game is with Korea, they are one of the best teams. Indians will have to match physically with them because they are too strong. This is a decider of India's performance. We still have Australia in the tournament. Indian team has a great chance of winning this tournament.... again. And I hope we win this.

Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself.

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