May 2, 2010

Politics+Hockey= Graveyard of national game

“Let me admit it. The Indian Hockey Federation is in a complete mess owing to some officials’ lust for power and the parochial approach surpassed the epic battle of Mahabharata. This undoubtedly throttle Indian hockey”.

These are the words by former FIH president Rene Frank when India had won Moscow Olympics ages ago. These words are even true today(though the situation is gone from bad to worse.
Remember lobby of KPS Gill which belittled the National Championships when it was in power – famous quote: Nationals are mediocre versus mediocre – and broke the annual event’s continuity with immunity is, now, all of a sudden, fanatic lover of the National Championship. This lobby claims to hold Nationals, and we know it is for media. Not to forget the same lobby wants transparency and even believes in RTI. If these people who want to "revive" hockey in the country (again) is because the people who had been chosen to clean the mess has made further mess.
Those who tasted power are not ready to relinquish it. It is applicable to those who lost it and those who usurped it. The situation in hockey today is a lot many people are getting elected themselves, and some of them are definitely going to elect the central body. We can only pity on hockey, the national game which did not have honest people in majority.
Rene Frank from heavens must be wondering why in India nothing changes. He would have certainly felt things were better in the 80s, the battle was like Mahabharata where at least some decency and ethics were followed.


  1. The bitter truth of Indian Hockey...

  2. dude.. i m a keen follower of your page. i appreciate your passion for hockey too. like you i m also a fan too.however, i find it inappropriate that you have not acknowledged the site where you took this article from! :) .. give it a thought!

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