May 4, 2010

Politicians: two sides of a same coin

On one side there is Shivraj Singh Chauhan who has started taking interest in hockey (its better to be late then never) and on the other hand there are those who think it is a waste of time.
This is a late story which tells about the "step-motherly treatment" of hockey players. 2007 was a great year for sports in India. The cricket team won the 20 over world cup while the hockey team won Asia Cup unbeaten. Compared to cricket hockey is considered a small game in India, though its out national game. There was a talk of going on to hunger strike by the hockey players. And who cared about it...
Chief Minister of some state said the cricket team has won World Cup while hockey team has won Asia Cup, let the hockey players win the World Cup, we will also give them money. According to me this is total bullshit (sorry for the words). KPS Gill offered Rs. 1000 to every goal scored by the team and there was a great hue and cry by the politicians. During that time there was a competition among who will give more money to the players. Even Yuvraj Singh got Rs. 1 crore for his 6 sixes in the tournament.
Air India gave all the employees working with them a promotion (cricket team). There were also hockey players working in the same company. And i seriously don't know what they got.
Few days ago while coming to Bangalore from Baroda I saw Irfan Pathan checking in at the counter, without going through security check boarding the flight. Don't worry guys even hockey players don't have to stop for the checks, the reason, they travel by train. Remember Sandeep Singh being injured by bullet, a star player of hockey team traveling by train. So all our politicians who think hockey is a waste of time can show there concern in public only when you want to talk about equality, or else give cricketers the money secretly, they already have lots of space on TV, they don't need more. And this message is also to media persons, who think its their moral duty to act on things, its time for you to make hockey a breaking news, if not you can stop talking about hockey ever during the time of big tournaments....


  1. Jimmy.. I agree with your views, the day when our politicians start giving equal importance to every single game, India will be superpower in games, will stand first in Olympics.

  2. Hockey certainly needs Class One treatment.

  3. wel that is unfortunate ..perhaps thats y importance and Necessity of thins blog becomes very high