May 5, 2010

Neighbours are no better than us

Saw Manoj's post on Orkut yesterday and saw that Pakistan hockey team players were given given central contracts. Even those who were overlooked for Sultan Azlan Shah tournament were also given contracts. But I am not satisfied with the amount of money given to them. Though it has nothing to do with India but its hockey we are talking about. Grade A players are going to receive just Rs. 50,000 per months, While B and C are going to get Rs. 40000 and Rs. 30000 respectively. The salary given to them is not good (though here Indian's still get 25000 per month), but atleast a central contract should be paying them at-least 70,000 to 80,000. come on they are the players of national team. Both the countries are not performing so well, but they should be given some motivation. There is a theory of Abraham Maslow which talks about hierarchy of needs. In this first need for which a person gets motivated is Psychological needs i.e need for food, clothing, shelter etc. The same problem is of our hockey players, if their basic needs are not satisfied how can we expect them to do their work well. The players are not motivated to perform, though playing for country is a great honor but the players need money to survive, so give them money and motivate. them. Trust me they will perform


  1. Its true. There is big lack of motivation for our players and Pakistani players too....

  2. but i could see there are good chances they will be paid good amount once they perform wel in comman wealth that new HI panel will be elected and MP goverment as wel thinking to give support indian team..