May 10, 2010

India vs Australia: Advantage India

Now, it is the time for most important match of the tournament India vs Australia. And this time its advantage India. India has played badly against the Australian team in recent times but I think its about to change. India have won two games out of three and drawn one of them, while Australia have won both of their games. Despite winning both the games, their performance is not convincing. They beat Egypt 4-0, but their performance was not up to the mark. They missed many penalty corners in the game which adds up as an advantage to India. Also they beat Malaysia 2-1 yesterday and the Malaysian team gave them a good fight.
There is a case which tells that the new Australian team is inexperienced, GOOD NEWS India, another advantage for us. The main aim of entering in the tournament is to win it. And with Shivender's red hot form, it is not difficult to believe so that we can win the game and the tournament. There are few worries for Indian team. They conceded 11 penalty corners in the last game. If the no of penalty corners conceded becomes less, we can surely win today's game. Right now India is on the top of the classification table with 7 points from three games and Australia is second places with 6 points from two games.
So, a great chance for the team to win this game and defend the title.
Best of Luck team. Make us proud.

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender

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